NG Explorer - Ghost Fleet
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NG Explorer - Ghost Fleet 

Dive into danger with NG Explorer - Ghost Fleet Deluxe, and search sunken ruins for a missing adventurer. Follow a National Geographic explorer on a daring underwater journey to locate her father. Explore the ocean floor, scavenging through ships for traces, equipment and a valuable artifact or two.

  • Discover the Ghost Fleet in this daring Hidden Object adventure.
  • Complete puzzles, capture photographs of sea life, and play mini-games.
  • Learn the true history of these fascinating sunken vessels.
  • Unlock captivating wallpapers and screensavers to use.
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Reviews of NG Explorer - Ghost Fleet
 | Added on: January 5, 2010
...but I'll just keep it short & sweet: this game bites.
 | Added on: July 22, 2010
I found it not real hard or challenging but fun to play loved the graphics all these games today seem to have far too much of a story they want you to read but I usually just skip thru all that It was not necessary to read all that you cld still ¨get the game if u get my drift. I enjoyed it very much and hope they bring out another series I wish Nat. geo would bring out a good one with scary snakes and tigers and panthers as they must have some awesome clips.
 | Added on: March 15, 2011
I finished this game just because I was curious how it ended. The expert level that unlocks after you finish is the exact same game with no available clues and a 20 min. timer for each scene. It was extremely hard to get involved in any story (basic antagonist/protagonist, bad guy, help the father script). And the history behind some of the sunken ships was out of maritime history books. Neither compelling nor particularly interesting. Looking for 10 items per wreck and using some of them to find other objects was very elementary. I think kids with good eyesight would probably enjoy the simplicity of this game. The equally simple mini games consisted of matching pairs, taking pictures of fish, 16 piece jigsaw puzzles, and 16 piece images where you rotated the individual fixed squares to complete the image. This would be much more interesting if you could dive inside the ships (1 or 2 rooms) and the items were somehow credibly related to a shipwreck. I expect sunken "treasure" to be barnacle encrusted with anemones flowing around. I guess my jaded past diving in the Pacific has something to do with that. How about diving the Caribbean for pirate treasure? Just don't make me build something with the treasure money or donate it to a museum exhibit. How about using the booty to unlock a unique expert level by funding further explorations? Or roll the money over to a sequel? Come on developers, if you produce unique products "they will come."
 | Added on: December 30, 2009
Quite honestly, this is rubbish, and it's not like me to be quite so dismissive of a game. There are only a VERY small number of items to find in the hidden object scenes (maybe 10 or even less?), the clickable items look completely different from the background too so it's just a case of looking to see which ones are on the list; the mini games are WAY too easy for any self-respecting adult, and you'll need to turn the volume down before you start too as the music is simply DEAFENINGLY LOUD...don't think you can sneak downstairs and play it in the wee small hours without waking the family! I suppose kids might like it, particularly if they haven't played hidden object games before and need an easy starter, but I suspect I could complete the entire game within the demo time (and not even enjoy it that much).
 | Added on: January 11, 2010
I'm so glad I did check out this game cause as I mentioned I was very hesitant as it didn't look very interesting as I would look at this game then go off to search for another game to play but something kept bringing me back to this game so I decided to try the free trial. This game kinda reminded me of Marooned (the lady who gets stuck on the island with amnesia) however this game is about a daughter Fiona trying to locate her father who goes missing on his ship and you go from location to location of the ship wreckage to try and find him and yes there are only about 10 items to locate at EACH scene. Some items found in one location are also used in another location. I really enjoyed the story and as mentioned by another person, I felt like I was a part of the story searching for the items. Just like any other HOG I've played, most items pretty easy to find while some pretty well hidden. As for the sound of the game it did start off kinda loud but after that it wasn't. Yes and there are also mini games like jig saw puzzles and spot the difference which yeah were very easy. So if you are looking for a VERY challenging game this isn't it but if you are looking for a game more on the relaxing side with a great story I'd recommend checking this out for the free one hour at least. I did purchase the game immediately after the one hour was up as I wanted to see how it ended and just finished it. FIVE STAR GAME ALL THE WAY IN MY BOOK
 | Added on: January 12, 2010
better than the other National Geo games....maybe they will get it right yet! The Graphics are beautiful and there is some real history in it. Gameplay rather unoriginal and directions can be a bit confusing.
 | Added on: July 1, 2010
Don't let the 5 star reviews fool you. I gave it a try and what a waste of time. Totally booring. Mini games were repetitive and simplistic. The grapicis were good but that was it. If you're over 10 skip it. Not worth the time it took to download.
 | Added on: January 5, 2010
I like it. The last reviewer was pretty harsh. I've played some games that were bad but this one was pretty good. Good animation.
 | Added on: July 26, 2010
A nice underwater shipwreck hog/puzzle game ... search real underwater shipwrecks for artifacts. Help Fiona find missing Father. Use sonar to 'ping' different shipwreck areas. Learn a little about history as you explore sites and find the items. You have to complete (untimed) Normal-mode, before Expert mode becomes unlocked - no hints provided and timed game play. The 'special' artifacts were not well explained - answers in the PDA. Also, gives more info about the crew members and item descriptions. Hidden object listed in yellow are 'action' items - need to be used elsewhere. Requires you to visit another scene for item, then place it in another area before the area is complete. The 'action' areas are shown with flashes of light - can become distracting during play. More than enough hints - each scene has at least one 'question mark symbol'. Click on any item name to show a silhouette - was needed, many items look alike (brush, pot, cup). Mini-game appears after each completed scene, but can be skipped - jigsaw puzzles, rotate pieces until picture comes together, find matching pair cards, take photos of fish, compare two scenes for differences. Repetitive game feel a bit repeated. Underwater scenes are nice, some areas a bit darker than others. The fish swimming across each area can be a distraction. Some items are larger than expected, hidden very well in darker areas or blended into the scenes. The story is nice. Contains much text reading. Also read thorough as sound. Because of this, the game can be played without any sound at all. Other kids and adults would enjoy this game - kids old enough to understand process and goals. Overall, this game was slow-paced and enjoyable as such. A simple story to follow or just skip through. Mini-games of some challenge. Length was shorter than I'd hoped for normal mode.
 | Added on: March 2, 2011
but this game is super lame and boring! I only played it for 10 minutes and uninstalled it. It was all the same! You can do much better than this Game House!
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