Neptune's Secret
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  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 10
  • 900 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 128 MB Ram
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Neptune's Secret 

Meet Hannah, a young archaeologist in search of the secrets of Atlantis. Her quest leads her to the meaning of a mysterious amulet handed down since the age of the Greek gods. Look for Hannah's equipment in the thrilling search and find game that is Neptune's Secret Deluxe. She's being helped by Wyatt, a guy who's not only after the treasures of Atlantis but also Hannah's heart.

  • 75 levels
  • beautiful story of a lost city
  • multiple game modes
  • bonus puzzles
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Reviews of Neptune's Secret
 | Added on: October 28, 2010
I found Neptune's Secret more towards the difficult side of "hidden" games than I've played before. Finding the articles in each scene was not always a "gimmie," and trying to find all the gems in each scene was just as difficult. Yet, being able to use those gems to help find other objects was a plus! Definitely kid-friendly and fun!
 | Added on: September 30, 2009
The story line was not bad in concept, but it did get pretty hokey in many places. It comes off like it was written by a bunch of grade school children that didnt know what the others were doing. The searching itself was handled solely by silhouette lists, which I didnt enjoy, as shapeless blobs often arent too helpful, (especially when they dont necessarily match the item exactly) so I frequently found myself randomly clicking any item just to see if it was one of the items. There was no timer to the object searches, so that was a plus, but the scoring system was ironic in that it recorded how many hint gems you "found" (easy enough, they all flash periodically) as well as how many hints you USED. But in order to "find" more, you have to use the hint of the matching color you already have! The plot devices to get you to find escape routes from each room/to move on can be flat out contradictory- in one scene, she is too light to to activate a chair-trigger for a trap door, but in another scene after that, she complains she's too "weighed down" to even manage swimming to the top of the room and going through the hatch on the ceiling. (How she figured to swim back to the surface in that case, I dont know) The worst problem it suffers from though is being extremly anachronistic and implausible. The story has you as the heroine exploring the sunken lost city of "Atlantis" which you conveniently discover. The trouble is, the writers seem to have no clue from what era Atlantis was supposed to be from- or any clue about what language they would have spoken. Items in the rooms you explore have labels in English, and there are modern items such as radios and television and hairdryers. (The modern items I would guess are supposed to be evidence of an advanced civilization). Not only that, Atlantis was theoretically sunk a few thousand years before the birth of Christ (at least), but in a few rooms you see multiple Catholic symbols and figures of Mary and Jesus! From the look of it, I would have to set it as 1950s era, America. Further, there are paper items galore (and an entire intact library of books and paper scrolls) that seem to have had no problem with being underwater. Apparently somehow this sunken city was magically preserved from all effects of being underwater- nothing showed evidence of getting wet, of being moved by current (everything is apparently exactly where it was left, most rooms appeared to have been suddenly abandoned yesterday) or of being touched, damaged or affected by any type of fish, barnacle, crustacean, plants/corals, rust, tarnish or even time itself. If you can stomach all that, you might enjoy it.
 | Added on: October 13, 2009
A relaxing 'silhouette' hidden object game ... help Hannah, an archaeologist, explore Atlantis. Each scene has a formula: collect 10 silhouetted items, then find 10 like-items, then finally reassemble items and place into correct locations. A plus ... this un-timed game will allow you play at your own pace and save whenever you want. Your necklace has 5 different-colored gems - each gem is a hint - scenes have hidden gems, so use one, then replace and always have 5 hints to use. If you click too many times in a row, the bar will be full and your diving mask will fog-over, but clear shortly - this can help to see items in darker places. Also, I used quite a few hints - some items were hard to find - in dark areas, half off the screen, small size and well-hidden behind unmovable-item. Some items are really out of place in this game - paper, scrolls and other items would have already decomposed because they are underwater. The last scene shows a 'be continued' - a promise of a sequel that has yet to be released (?) Overall, this game would suit older kids and adults - the three-goals per scene do keep you entertained and the story was very simple one.
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