Nat Geo Games - Titanic's Keys to the Past
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Nat Geo Games - Titanic's Keys to the Past 

Set sail between past and present to uncover the mystery in Nat Geo Games Titanic's Keys to the Past, a wonderful seafaring adventure.

Lillian is on her way to the grand opening of the world's first ocean-floor museum. She is there to visit a stark reminder of the fated Titanic, the vessel in which her great-grandmother passed away. Once she arrives however, her experience is anything but what she was expecting.

Join Jillian on this marvelous exploration through the bowels of the doomed ship as she uncovers the truth behind the Titanic's fateful voyage. Travel between the present and the past, searching through many of its magnificent locations. Search for hidden objects, play enticing mini-games including Match 3, and solve a host of entertaining puzzles. Discover the Titanic's mysteries and get closer to unveiling the truth behind the disaster.

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Nat Geo Games Titanic's Keys to the Past today!

  • Click here for a FREE walkthrough of the game.
  • Step aboard the magnificent ship in this time traveling Hidden Object adventure.
  • Travel between present and the past, searching through many of its locations.
  • Search for hidden objects and play enticing mini-games including Match 3.
  • Solve a host of entertaining puzzles to discover the truth behind the fateful voyage.
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Reviews of Nat Geo Games - Titanic's Keys to the Past
 | Added on: August 13, 2012
I'm in my late 50's, married, full time housewife, the mother of 17 children, have 15 grandchildren with 3 more expected the end of this year and beginning of next year. I play computer games at night and into the early morning hours to relax after spending another hectic day of cleaning our large home, laundry, cooking and baking, yard work, running errands, chatting with several of our grown children and several of our grandchildren on the phone, etc. I played the entire one hour trial of this game and think it's outstanding. It's fun, not difficult to figure out where to go next, just click on the sparkles, the hidden objects are not impossible to find, and the mini games are challenging but you have the option of switching to a Match 3 game instead or skipping the mini game entirely. The hint button in the lower right corner is very precise when needed. This game is also very educational, telling about the incident, dates, details about the ship, the passengers on the Titanic and much more. The graphics are very good. I'm unable to comment about the sound because I never play the sound that accompanies games because at the end of a long day, I enjoy absolute quiet while I'm relaxing by playing games on my computer. For me, this is a "Must Own" game. I love Titanic's Keys To The Past game and hope that National Geographic will create more Hidden Object games similar to this one.
 | Added on: August 14, 2012
i found this game to be very frustrating. from trying to locate the sparkles which told u where to go, to having to precisely click on the items. i found myself knowing beyond doubt what an item was, clicking on it, nothing happening, using the hint button, being shown the same item, clicking on it over and over and over until finally it was accepted. on trying to find the 4th key there were 2 items in one scene this happened, but i jst couldn't get my clicking right so i finally gave up. as usual with nat/geo games there is a lot of cool info included in the game, the music is absolutely beautiful. but all the frustrations of the game outwayed all the positives...
 | Added on: August 13, 2012
I'm wrapping up my first hour with this game and I'm really enjoying it so far. The art is beautiful and I absolutely LOVE the story. From time to time I found it hard to navigate through the scenes, and that's why I am giving this game 4 stars only.
 | Added on: August 16, 2012
I agree that the development of this game isn't the best. Yes, it has the nice moments that you get to learn from and about this historic event...that part I enjoyed. However, the actual game part of it is not at all what I expect. Items that you know are there and you're clicking on it...the game doesn't respond to what you're clicking on. Also, the hidden object aspect of the game is too easy.
 | Added on: August 13, 2012
I love graphics of HO scenes, they are full of colours ...and quality. Storyline oryginal , maybe even to oryginal as Its National G. game ( hotel over Titanic , underwater museum ).
 | Added on: August 28, 2012
I throughly enjoyed this game! The story held my interest. You expect mini puzzles throughout the game. However the added feature of assembling pictures of passengers was unique. I will definately play more than once.
 | Added on: August 16, 2012
I had a very difficult time. After using the hint many times to highlight an item I'd already identified, I gave up. The history and photographs were great. I just wish I could've finished the game but the frustration level became intolerable.
 | Added on: August 13, 2012
Titanic's Keys to the Past is a fun game. The game is engaging and fun to play, I love the Titanic story, so it was a special experience to see how factual some of the artifacts are. I reccommend this game!
 | Added on: August 18, 2012
It just doesn't work correctly. I have been hung up since early in the game and cannot progress any further. The graphics are great, the music is beautiful...the whole story behind The Titanic is one that has always fascinated me so I thought this would be a beautiful game and tribute to the doomed ship. I was very pleased at the beginning but then it just went bad. Really sad too since this seems to be happening to everyone that has downloaded the game. I received an email from Gamehouse asking me to review the game so....this is my review. Not very glowing but....if they get the game fixed, everyone would be happy and the game would get a much higher rating.
 | Added on: August 25, 2012
like the game but it was hard going from place to place but got thur it in two days
 | Added on: August 13, 2012
If you want to learn all about the Titantic then this game will certainly provide the information but as far as a game I would not recommend it.. I tried twice to play the game but it was sooo boring the items in the HO were too easy to find with exception to finding the bits of torn pictures thrown about the room. There just wasn't any challenge or "excitment" to playing this game.
 | Added on: August 29, 2012
With all bugs removed, this is a great game. It's short, but just challenging enough to hold my interest without being frustrating. It's a game I could see my 10 year old playing as well. Job well done once bugs were fixed.
 | Added on: August 13, 2012
Game is slow and monotonous. A lot of the scenes require collecting tiny pieces of photos and it is not easy to navigate from one scene to another. Also in the hidden object scenes, items are hard to get , if you can get them at all.
 | Added on: August 14, 2012
I like the whole concept of this game and I am always intersted in all things Titanic. But many times I would go to click on things and it did not register, it actually froze me in a spot on the game. The directions are not very clear and it is not easy to find how to get from one location to the next.
 | Added on: August 13, 2012
Terrible game. Incredibly boring. It is hard to tell where to go next if you follow the indicators - you will easily end up in the previous screen instead of moving forward
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