Nat Geo Games - Lost Chronicles - Salem
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Nat Geo Games - Lost Chronicles - Salem 

Reveal a wicked conspiracy in Lost Chronicles - Salem Deluxe, a startling journey through the eyes of a young girl. The year is 1692 and the town of Salem is embroiled in paranoia surrounding accusations of witchcraft. A mother is taken prisoner but her young girl escapes. Now she must figure out a way to free her mother and leave this town overrun with fear.

  • escape the witch hunt in this captivating hidden object thriller
  • follow a young girl's quest to save her mother and self from the insidious paranoia
  • play various mini-games such as word jumbles, puzzles, and more
  • access articles of the Salem Lost Chronicles courtesy of National Geographic
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Reviews of Nat Geo Games - Lost Chronicles - Salem
 | Added on: February 19, 2011
The one thing I like about the Nat Geo games is that they provide factual tidbit information, whether it is historical, nature, etc. Such is the case with this game, which made it more interesting to play. I thought this was a pretty good game, however, there are some things that annoyed me. The graphics and music were well done. You have your HO's, which were pretty easy and your mini-puzzles. The running back and forth quite a ways is one of the things that annoyed me a bit, but not as bad as some games. I do think the game needs some programming tweaking. I found that items were suddenly gone from inventory, and I'd have to go back to get it again, or when I was nearing the end, everything in inventory disappeared. After getting out of the game and logging back in, my inventory is still gone, so I will have to start over if I wish to complete the game. I am computer savvy (okay, a geek), so I know it's not my system. Other than some game issues, it has potential, and I look forward to completing it ....... :)
 | Added on: March 1, 2011
I liked the game, still stuck trying to find the back entrance to the servants quarters of the Parris home. The dog annoyed me too, at least until I found the blasted bone. I was intrigued by the story that they weaved into the game. I've done much reading about the Salem Witch Trials.(my dads like many greats uncles sat on the jury of these trials. they later wrote a later after hanging about 150 people or so, stating that they read a scripture in the old testiment that what they did was evil in the sight of God and repented of their sins and asked what living relatives for forgiveness) The stuff the developers of this game seemed to have more details about individuals than I've seen or even heard in documentaries. I wonder if they went to Salem MA to read over the court records of each preceding and individual statements? I think this game had a better story line than the Dream Chronicles, except the clues were much to vague at times. This one you have to take time to look at each new location or you'll miss a clue and even an item you need to find another tool or clue.
 | Added on: March 4, 2011
 | Added on: October 20, 2011
I had a great time with this was alot of fun and the story line was even good. It was hard enough to challenge me but not so hard that I gave up. I stayed up way too late playing it, now I am starting all over. Loved the bonus level at the end.
 | Added on: October 22, 2011
I enjoyed this game a lot. Stayed up too late playing it though. It was just challenging enough for me. Loved the graphics and the story line. Will play again in a couplr of months.
 | Added on: March 9, 2011
The game got off to a good start, but then quickly became boring. There were locations, which never seemed to be meaningful (the full barrel near the jail), and the search screens were far too simple. I also found the ending very sudden and not especially in line with the game story. Having played a couple of other NatGeo games, this was extremely disappointing.
 | Added on: March 1, 2011
Maps are easy, providing you know how to read where the arrows point. It goes from fairly easy to slightly more difficult. If you read the story that is in the menu book it is accurate account of the Salem Witch Trials. I would like to see more of these games based on historical events.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
This game could be hard at times, and a little frustrating with how it interacted with you, sometimes I knew what the item I should use but it would say nope, but then if you clicked on it just right it would work, drives me nuts when games are that picky. I did like it because it was challenging, and seemed to make it stretch out longer so I was not done in 2 hours like a normal HO game seems to lead you to. I like them hard, I want to be challenged so this game was good for that. I think if you like a challenge this one is for you.
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
I was a little hesitant to play this game because I find Nat Geo games to be a bit on the boring side, but because of the subject matter I decided to give it a try. And then I got excited. This might turn out good. And it was for awhile, until I got to the third pesky animal heirloom schoo-away tool. Why? Why? Why? What was the purpose of this? It wasn't a minigame, just some irritating dexterity thingamagig. I ignored them and thought it would hamper being able to finish the game, but NO. Not one bit. Okay, I played through. The graphics were good, objects were easy to find, hints recharged fairly quickly. Lots of navigating to do. I won't even go into the minigames they had. And then the end. It just ended. Just like that. I thought I hit a wrong button, but I didn't. Game was over. Hence, only 3 stars. I might be just in a bad mood, so don't go by my review. Definitely try for yourself.
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
The frenzy of the Salem witch trials always makes a good subject to explore and NatGeo comes through on this one. Historical facts and actual locations are available through the game so this one's entertaining as well as educational. It's an untimed game which is something you need because this one's very involved. You must travel back and forth to the many locations in Salem to collect clues and objects to finish the game so folks who aren't fond of doing that may not like this one. You are given a journal that gives you some insight into gameplay and it records locations you've been to, people you've talked to, some clues, and a shadow list of familiars you need to find and banish. Even given the subject matter of the game, I do believe it's Kid Friendly because of the educationl value in the background story it provides about this period in our history. I also believe that there's some replay value in this one since there were parts of the game that I just couldn't figure out., i.e., how to empty the barrel behind the prison and what to do with the dog at the cemetery. My one criticism of the game is that it would have been nice to have some sort of tutorial that gives you a better understanding of how to play the game. It would also have been nice if you could have clicked on the locations on the map in the journal to go back to the places you've already visited instead of having to "walk" back and forth everytime you needed to revisit one of them. For the most part, though, it's a good game that will keep you involved for hours. I look forward to the next game in the series.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
It had potential... Not as boring as most of the Nat Geo games and at least they stopped hiding Nat Geo magazines or golden frames all over the place like in their other games. Reasonable graphics and music. However, they did a really sloppy execution of the game though. It's as if the developers chopped out a part of the story but forgot to delete the inventory items leaving them to rattle around unused and then just disappear... And the ending is abrupt and stupid - especially from supposedly "factual" Nat Geo. All in all, a pretty unprofessional effort.
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
This game is great. The graphics are fantastic. I truly enjoyed every part of this game. Getting around to the required places becomes challenging at time, but does not detract from the game. This game is very close to the top of the list of the better games I have played, and is certaintly on my top ten list.
 | Added on: March 8, 2011
I liked the realistic look of the town and the map. I thought it had a decent story line and I looked forward to playing it the following day. It seemed to end abruptly..........almost like it wasn't planned.
 | Added on: May 19, 2011
I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from purchasing this game. I wish I could meet and pop the games creaters in the back of the head for the way they laid out the game. Education is fine and dandy, but being force fed info in my game play is not what I want in my 'me' time. total wast of time and energy...not to mention the graphics were not up to par, the movement within the game was set up to be done in the most asine way, when you get to near the climax, it just jumps to a movie style and a random game play before it abruptly ends with the credits. Beat the game in less than 2 hours. I have never said this about any product-except for the movie Bloodryane- I hate, hate, HATE this game! I'm very bitter over the loss of time, money and the frustration of the overall lousy game play. Do as you will, tho...cuz that's for u to decide if the game is worth it or not.
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
Good factual story, good graphics. I will play this game again. Interesting plot.
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
In this game you are taking on the role of a young girl who has escaped from the townsmen and is trying to free her mother who is being accused of witch craft and held prisoner by the them. You are searching around the town of Salem to gather clues to free her. The game play here is like many where there is "wandering around" back & forth locations doing HO scenes, getting inventory items to move forward in the game. Also puzzle solving as well. The hint and skip for puzzles takes a bit to recharge - about 2 minutes. The HO scenes I found to be pretty easy for the most part. A couple of items I'd never even heard of. I didn't really care too much for the hint system. At the beginning of the game you gather 8 fire flies and they go in a jar and charge up. The problem I had was when you use it, makes a big circle and sometimes difficult if like I said you don't know what you're looking for - never even heard of them item. The puzzles pretty easy for most part though I did skip the one where you have to press in the stones to open a gate because of course when you start doing that it undoes what you previously did. The graphics I found to be well done, liked the charcters and voices. Nothing annoying to me here. I also enjoyed the story. I did find the game to be rather short as it took me about 3 hours but I enjoyed the game itself. I had planned on still giving this game 5 stars with the few minor things I mentioned but I have to take off a star and give it 4 stars because I couldn't play the bonus chapter to completion as I uninstalled/reinstalled the game AT LEAST 3 times and of course take me back to the beginning of the game. Finally was able to play a little of the bonus chapter but got hung up at the home of the Paris and the key. Wouldn't let me get out of the home. I had to exit the game using the menu provided within the game. As much as I enjoyed playing this game, finally had to stop the madness, cut off, and pull the plug already. So other than the bonus chapter a great game in my opinion so give it a whirl and decide for yourself. I hope you can play the bonus chapter with no difficulty and end up enjoying the game. Hey Gamehouse since I know you're reading here: Your Tech support had been contacted about this game. More than once I must add. They tried to tell me it was my 64 bit computer here. Well granted my computer tech knowledge is pretty limited and I'll be the first to say so, but I would sure like to know how I could play about 90 to 95% of this game as I'm quite sure the bonus chapter is about another 5 to 10 % of game play to complete it in it's entirety and then my 64 bit is no longer compatible?? Please... DO TELL!
 | Added on: March 4, 2011
Ok i bought this game today, and over all a decent game. The story line is original, and graphics arn't to to bad. Only downfall in my eyes was hidden objects were to easily found, and the games wasn't very long, way to short. I like these kind of hidden object games though cause you have a story line, you have to find objects and figure out things to continue within the story line, and also gotta remember how to use and where to use items you find. Over all a good game i think.
 | Added on: August 26, 2011
The graphics is nice, and I like the music, especially the danger one, really in the mood. The game has many tasks and HO and some puzzles. All of them are not very hard to figure out. The hint is sometimes not useful, such as when I looked for those models near end of game, it didn't point to them, but keep saying things about the puzzle itself (about shapes). There are some left-over items when I finished game, supposedly optional (barrel, somehow the game won't let me use the drill on it). A little short play time and an abrupt and what-was-that-all-about ending. There is an very short extra episode after finishing game. The arts/music/wallpaper will be unlocked when you finish the extra episode. Overall, I think it is fun to play, but not really worth the money.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
I really enjoyed this game from the very beginning. The way that it began was fun and exciting. Your character is running away from the Puritans as her mother is being arrested for witchcraft. Grabbing fireflies was a bit too easy as were some of the HO scenes but it was a great game and I loved playing it. I wish that it had gone longer, and I had trouble playing the Bonus Chapter so I was disappointed with that, but from what I did get to play, I enjoyed it. I tried starting over to play again, but I just kept getting stuck in the Parris home. Some of the familiars were really cute and I loved how that was woven into the game, although the barking dog got a bit annoying. The puzzles were okay for the most part, and I ended up skipping the one with the brick wall. The Journal was a great tool, and I loved how there were real facts revealed as you solved more in the game. I do wish that when you pointed to a place in the map, it would show it's name. Despite having some repeated items on the HO scenes, and useless items in the inventory, I loved this game. I ended up giving this 4 stars only because of the problems I had with the Bonus Chapter. The frustration of that lost a star. I'm sure it would have been a lot of fun, because I really liked this game, so I am disappointed. I will definitely play this again, as I am sure that there are a few things I may have missed the first time playing, and being short, this would be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. I hope that there is a sequel because this game was fresh, fun and addicting!
 | Added on: February 24, 2011
I like this game. Many locations to explore. The only thing I didn't like was the map. There were no names on the map, just drawings of the locations and I had a hard time telling where I was or which way to go. Maybe I'm spoiled by my real life GPS and have lost the "skill" to read a map! :) Still, it's a good game and worth the money. Game House once again picks a hidden object winner! Thanks!
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