Nat Geo Explorer - Contraband Mystery 

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Nat Geo Explorer - Contraband Mystery Stats
  • Document a fascinating case for Nat Geo Explorer in this Hidden Object investigation.
  • Set out around the world to expose a black market smuggling ring.
  • Follow the trail of information, from animal safe havens to mining towns.
  • Search for important clues and interview people of interest.
  • Play entertaining mini-games and learn a host of educational facts.

Game Description

Discover the journalist in you with Nat Geo Explorer - Contraband Mystery, and set off around the world to break up a smuggling ring.

Nat Geo Explorer has sent you on assignment to gather up new stories for their award-winning series. While documenting information, you come across hints about a smuggling operation and decide to investigate further, soon discovering that its reach stretches much farther out around the globe than you ever imagined. Who are the ringleaders and where are they based? Together with your trusty cameraman, you'll discover the surprising truth.

Use your journalistic instincts to expose the black market network. Follow the trail of information, from animal safe havens to mining towns, and locate the tidbits to blow this investigation wide open. Search for important clues, interview people of interest, and get the answers you're looking for. With a variety of hidden object scenes, entertaining mini-games, and a host of educational facts, this is a Nat Geo Explorer experience at its finest.

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