Nanny 911 - The Game
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Nanny 911 - The Game 

Take back control of the family with Nanny 911(tm) – The Game, a delightful time management game where you become part of the hit reality TV show!

When the kids are out of control and the parents don't know what to do, there is just one organization that can help: Nanny 911. Armed with the do's and don'ts of raising children, these ladies are ready to help parents whip their families into shape and tackle the problems that cause chaos at home.

Jump into the fray and play as one of the three nannies to help troubled families gain back control! Direct them to health and happiness by providing instructions and feedback over the course of seven days. Teach them responsibility, how to discipline and work as an entire family unit. If you need one, take a break with the Nanny's Advice mini-game. Each family can be saved, but only with your help!

Try the free trial version of Nanny 911(tm) – The Game or get the complete attitude adjustment when you download the full version today!

  • Experience the fun and challenge of the hit reality TV show
  • Come to the aid of families in distress
  • Direct and teach them the proper instructions for a happy family
  • Take a break and play the Nanny’s Advice mini-game
  • Learn a few tips about maintaining a happy family yourself
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Reviews of Nanny 911 - The Game
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
I didn't even bother to finish the time trial on this one. Having to click between buttons quickly made for a lot of clicking nonsense. By the seventh day it didn't appear that any single member of the household's habits had even started improving. Instead more disciplining the parents and having them go behind the children and constantly clean and things got to be totally annoying. On the seventh day, that evening, I believe the game either glitched or the dad just simply gave up. When he was selected to change the baby's diaper, he picked the child up and headed to the changing table as selected, but then would not put the baby down to change him. Thus, he could not fulfill any of his duties. When you must click on the parents with the red arrow to let them know they are doing something wrong, then click on them to clean or cook, or discipline the children, then the other parent is doing whatever it is they are suppose to be doing, there is not enough time to choose between green or red arrows for the parents. The game is a very fast paced game and only gets frustrating when you keep selecting the wrong arrows. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone, no matter the age.
 | Added on: December 19, 2009
This is way too easy. I did not enjoy it at all. Maybe it is good for kids.
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
This is okay to play, except I get bored fast with it. It doesn't give much challenge.
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
Being a fan of Nanny 911 I immediately downloaded the game. It seemed a bit complex at first but by the end of the first couple scenes I had it figured out. I really like the concept of the game. You play a nanny who has to help families learn to discipline their children properly and work together to complete the household tasks. I like the challenge of having to control both mom and dad and complete different tasks for both of them. I found this to be a unique TM game, at least of the ones that I have played. My only complaints are the level of challenge and game length. I played the entire game on the Hard level and found it pretty easy. I feel like the game was definitely not long enough. More levels at a more difficult level would have made this game perfect.
 | Added on: March 23, 2010
not for adults i can see the easy being easy it helps you out. but i think for the medium and hard they should have different families with a limited amout of help.cause once you play the easy you know what to do on medium and hard i am just glad i did not buy this game i wanted too but sure am glad
 | Added on: July 26, 2010
This is a time management game. You play a nanny whose purpose is come straighten out the household. You get to praise good behavior and discourage bad behavior, discipline the children, clean the house, change diapers, etc. What I liked: Seemed like a fun theme, running the household. Graphics and animations were cute. This was a little different from most TM games I've played before (I was happy just to be out of a restaurant for once) so I had high hopes for it. What I didn't like: Clunky, non-responsive (at times) controls Some of the things you interact with you must click in just the right spot or no response. You spend more time jumping on the parents for smaller things (they fall asleep while reading a book or eating food in the bed) and need to scold them but in the meantime, the kids are writing on the walls, turning the place into a pigpen, and trashing the house. Game is very repetitious. Each level is the same old thing over and over. The number one thing that bothered me with this game (other than the non-responsive controls) is that none of the family learn in the slightest. You could scold the child for writing on the walls and not 1 second later, they're back at it - not just that day, but all day the next day too. The minute you finish changing the baby's diaper, it needs another diaper change, etc. The storyline and scenes that introduce you to the characters and the game are overly simplistic. I felt like I was back in 2nd grade. This is Hilda. She is a Nanny. She wants to help this household out. (not verbatim but you get the gist). Even the font was questionable. I would not even purchase this game even for DD. Frankly, the game leaves you more annoyed and frustrated than having had any fun playing. I'd pass this one by.
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