Nancy Drew - Trail of the Twister
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Nancy Drew - Trail of the Twister 

A twisted tale of deceit storms through Oklahoma in Nancy Drew® - Trail of the Twister, a captivating investigation with the young detective.

Chasing tornadoes is dangerous research, but the Canute College storm tracking team weathered more than a little bad luck. Wrecked cars, broken legs and faulty scientific instruments leave some wondering if the $100,000,000 contest is more than a school rivalry. To help find an answer, an inventor has hired you, as detective Nancy Drew, to go undercover as a new intern.

Driving into the deadliest weather in Oklahoma to find answers in this Nancy Drew investigation. Track and pursue weather disturbances in challenging driving conditions. Preserve valuable university research equipment by relocating prairie dogs. Piece together real weather images and learn about atmospheric conditions. Solve puzzles, question suspects, evaluate evidence, and more to survive this stormy competition.

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  • Unravel twisted trouble in Tornado Alley with this Nancy Drew Adventure.
  • Play as Nancy Drew and join a team of storm chasers.
  • Track and pursue weather disturbances in challenging driving conditions.
  • Piece together real weather images and learn about atmospheric conditions.
  • Solve puzzles, question suspects, evaluate evidence, and more.
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Reviews of Nancy Drew - Trail of the Twister
 | Added on: August 21, 2012
I love the Nancy Drew games but resort to walkthroughs for most of them because I find them really hard. This one I managed almost completely on my own as the story line was so straighforward. I too have trouble with the directional arrows in all the games, where I'm frequently walking in circles (I gave up on the White Wolf of Icicle Creek after my first foray outside the cabin!) But this one seemed less cantankerous. I loved the Land Rush mini game, I went back to play it independent of playing the game itself. The driving around was a pain, the car was very loosy-goosey and kept slamming into everything. Perhaps because there were so few characters and so little area to cover, I found this the first ND game I could do on my own.
 | Added on: August 10, 2012
I like a challenging game with lots of activities but this game was too, too much. I couldn't make out what you were supposed to do even though I read the instructions. So many blocks at the bottom to open but no real hints. The arrows put you going in circles and I never made any headway. Others might find this interesting but it just didn't make sense to me.
 | Added on: March 17, 2014
I'll admit that I'm a life-long Nancy Drew fan, and I've played a few of the games. I'm such a fan that I usually forget the things that always bother me about the games until I play them again: Why do we not ever have a skip button for the puzzles or dialogues? The dialogues take forever! I guess these are the bad points, but they apply to pretty much all the ND games so take that as you like. Otherwise, I think this was vintage ND to me, with an interesting location and giving us a look into a career that we really don't know much about, just like the books sometimes did. The locations were limited. The puzzles were varied and interesting. The driving was a bear to keep doing over and over. I would have liked to zoom to a location once I had found it on the map. I felt this added to the immersion of the game world but also made it a little small and tedious to move around in. I also felt it was light in content compared to other ND games. Still, I thought it was worthwhile with the comfortable feel, good story, characters, puzzles and game concept.
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