Nancy Drew - Shadow at the Water's Edge
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Nancy Drew - Shadow at the Water's Edge 

Follow the intrepid sleuth on her spookiest adventure yet in Nancy Drew® - Shadow at the Water's Edge, a daring investigation.

Nancy Drew heads for Japan where she is staying at a traditional Ryokan (inn). Looking for a little bit of rest and relaxation with her friends Bess and George, reports soon pop up of a vengeful ghost scaring away the guests. Now, Nancy's vacation has taken a turn filled with terror. It's to Nancy Drew to uncover the secret that lies beneath the surface before the ghost can take its revenge.

Dare to play as you, Nancy Drew, solve this chilling case. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture by learning about origami, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and more. Take pictures of possible evidence and play games on your cell phone. Interrogate guests, locate clues, and solve troubling puzzles.

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Nancy Drew® - Shadow at the Water's Edge today!

  • Confront terrifying secrets at a Japanese inn with this Nancy Drew Adventure.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture and learn about origami, tea ceremonies, and calligraphy.
  • Take pictures of possible evidence and play games on your cell phone.
  • Interrogate guests, locate clues, and solve troubling puzzles.
  • Choose from Junior or Senior Detective difficulty levels.
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Reviews of Nancy Drew - Shadow at the Water's Edge
 | Added on: July 21, 2013
I love the Nancy Drew games but, as many people have said already, it's often hard to complete them without help. But after reading a few reviews for this one, saying it just reminded them why they don't like Nancy Drew, I was determined to see how far I could go without needing to look up a walk through or using Hints and I actually finished the game! To be honest, a couple of times I DID ask for hints from Bess and George (No Ned in this one) but the hints they offered weren't what I was looking for so i didn't end up selecting the option to ask for them. very proud of myself. It's obvious that the authors had seen The Ring before writing this, and there is a scene where I actually screamed (a little bit), but it was just startling, and I laughed afterwards. It was great and I recommend it to all Nancy Drew fans.
 | Added on: August 5, 2012
One of the most recent entries to the Nancy Drew series, and continues the current chain of high quality, beautiful graphics and well designed gameplay. That being said, there were a few things that kept this from being five-star quality to me: The voice acting is below the normal high level of talent that Nancy Drew games have. The main problem is that many of the characters are Japanese, while the actors are decidedly not- and the result is mixed a best and stereotypical at worst. The background music, usually something that impresses me in this series, is more repetitive than usual...I started out really liking it, and ended up being annoyed by it. But these are not game breaking flaws, and didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying playing this. I recommend giving it a try, especially if you're already a fan of the series! One more thing worth noting: I think this is maybe the scariest Nancy Drew game out there. There are plenty of darker games to play here, but normally you know what you're getting into...just be aware with this one that there is a cut scene that I genuinely jumped at. Maybe not as safe for kids as some of the others in the series.
 | Added on: August 6, 2012
I keep saying I won't play another Nancy Drew game, but I still land up loading it and giving it a try. The first 15 minutes was agonizingly listening to dialogue which you couldn't skip. Then, true to all Nancy Drew games, you wander around from one door to another (which all look the same) with one key that opens none of them. I promise myself, not another Nancy Drew game.
 | Added on: September 28, 2013
I only gave this game 4 stars because of the scare factor. I usually play with my kids, but had to shut this thing down when a scene turned really frightening. Otherwise, fun if you are a Nancy Drew fan.
 | Added on: August 2, 2012
One of the things I love about Nancy Drew games is the fact that they don't invent the whole story, but it has real elements, real legends or characters from history. So, it's very educational. If the adventure takes place in Egypt, you can learn about the pharaohs, if the adventure takes place in Hawaii, you will learn about the animals, legends and traditions of this part of Earth. In this particular game, you have the opportunity to learn about the Japanese culture through the eyes of a tourist (Nancy) - tea ceremony, Japanese writing (kanji, hiragana and katakana), bento food, kimonos, ryokans (traditional inns), and so on. Besides, you'll get the same intriguing time of searching for clues, interrogating the suspects, solving the puzzle and finding the culprit.
 | Added on: December 15, 2012
Like a previous reviewer, I say every time, "Last time," then I try again. I play many, many games but find the Nancy Drews to be virtually impossible. I've taken to printing out full walk throughs before I even begin and treating the games more like an interactive movie, with instructions, then a game that I am figuring out. I would really like to know if there is anyone out there who can actually play the Nancy Drews without help. The only ones I found remotely enjoyable on my own steam were White Wolf of Icicle Creek and Warnings at Waverly Mansion. So, to this one I gave 3 stars for being smarter than I am, but not more stars, as a game should after all be enjoyable...and hold out some hope that an intelligent person has a shot.
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