Nancy Drew - Danger by Design
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Nancy Drew - Danger by Design 

Take the Paris fashion world by storm in Nancy Drew® – Danger by Design, and solve an intriguing new mystery from the case files of the adventurous ace detective!

An American designer is the talk of world's most glamorous runways, but her investors quietly whisper about the bizarre woman and her diva antics. Already hiding behind a porcelain mask and constantly throwing temper tantrums, new problems arise with her spring collection unfashionably behind schedule. Is it due to the mailed threats and strange phone calls that she has been receiving or the unusual accidents to her equipment? Swoop in as Nancy Drew and get on the case!

Travel to Paris and discover the inner workings of the glamorous fashion industry. Experience the Parisian life by dining at a cafe', translating French, riding aboard the Metro and even snooping around the old catacombs. Solve puzzles based on creating parfaits, developing photos and completing circuit boards.

Dare to play the free trial version or download the full version of Nancy Drew® – Danger by Design and sew up this case before it falls apart at the seams!

  • Travel to Paris on an exciting new Nancy Drew case
  • Discover the inner workings of the glamorous fashion industry
  • Immerse yourself in Parisian daily life
  • Go diving or investigate the famous catacombs
  • Solve fun new puzzles based on developing photos and creating parfaits
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Reviews of Nancy Drew - Danger by Design
 | Added on: October 13, 2009
I went through to the end!!! yay!! it was quite easy but game!!!
 | Added on: May 18, 2012
I'm new to the whole gaming experience and started with The Sims 3. I loved that then tried GameHouse and tried the Nancy Drew Game - "The Haunting of Castle Malloy"...and I absolutely loved that! I tried several after and Loved every one except this one. Danger By Design starts off well and has some really great ideas...but soon I couldn't wait for it to just finish after swimming in the catacombs, (which I LOVED!). After that, I found it to be slightly boring with not much of Paris to see. The way the game ended even disappointed me more. I thought it was stupid and didn't match up to the facts of when she started to where the mask all the time. Overall...I was hoping it would have showed more of Paris like "Phantom of Venice" showed more of Venice!...I loved that and played it before this game,(I know it's out of sequence, I'm still learning the order of the ND Games),...and this one did disappoint. I am glad I played it, wasn't horrible, but I guess for me, I'm partial to the creepy Nancy Drew Games or Traveling to other countries with a great time of adventure and sleuthing to find a great ending. "Danger By Design"...just fell short for me. I would recommend playing it if you are new to the series like me, It was only OK, where so far...the several I've played, have been truly fantastic! I've LOVED them all except this one which was "eh"....but still worth playing. They definitely redeemed themselves in the "Phantom of Venice" the likes of Nancy Drew traveling to other countries. So, that's it. This is my first review. I hope it helps. Sorry for the long narrative.
 | Added on: October 25, 2010
When i started this game, I couldn't stop playing. But at about the half to the last third of the game, I was reviewing online walkthroughs every ten min! Impossible to figure out some of these puzzles and hidden tunnels! But the main reason I gave it 3 stars was b/c of the huge let-down of an ending -- it comes out of nowhere, has nothing to do with the rest of the game, and is suddenly over within 2 min. None of the questions get answered (why the woman wears a mask; if the old woman is related to the Dieter character, etc.) -- it's just over. I was really disappointed by that. However, I'll keep playing these games!
 | Added on: October 7, 2009
I love the Nancy Drew series of games and want to get through all of them! So far, this was the shortest game and while it still had challenges, I felt it was a little lacking. The one bonus about the game is the great message for girls and young women about body image! Kudos on that!
 | Added on: November 12, 2009
cool game, interesting characters, I thought it was really good
 | Added on: May 19, 2011
I like Nancy Drew games. In fact, I'm addicted to them :). This one is very good, I can't stop playing it. Some of the puzzles proved very challenging and just got me resorting to the walkthrough. Some puzzles are just however make me lazy and look at the walkthrough again, for example, the one about the diving direction, the stops of metro, and the prices of item (wow, I'm suck at bargaining, get to pay full prices half of the time, so I had to paint Mona Lisas for like ten times LOL, I don't like the vase b/c it takes more time). Regarding to the review earlier, the game DID answer all of the questions. I can't understand how can you finish the game and not seeing them? Dieter called Hans S... (long last name) his great uncle, didn't he? And at the last scene, the mask fell off and revealed she had an alien's head tattoo on her cheek, and she regretted it, hence wearing the mask. I was like... Really? I know she was hyped, but, an alien's head? LOL
 | Added on: September 1, 2010
Five Stars! Nancy Drew games are a variety of levels of difficulty. Danger by Design is not as complicated and complex, however, the thought, originality, research, WWII story line and various clues to follow, earn the highest rating in my opinion. I loved hopping on the Metro Line to travel through Paris, painting the Mona Lisa and having a bite to eat with a Frenchman at the Hotel's outside cafe! I am off to Venice for another exciting mystery with Nancy Drew! Au revoir!
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