Namariel Legends - Iron Lord 

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Namariel Legends - Iron Lord Stats
  • Choose from Regular or Expert modes of play for more or less challenge.
  • Experience the unique fantasy world of Namariel.
  • Explore 50 broadly varied game locations and scenes.
  • Play 25 mini-games and puzzles.
  • Meet 15 fascinating characters brought to life by amazing graphics.

Game Description

Discover the source of the Iron Lord's power. Destroy it and save the cowering nation of Namariel in a hidden object adventure game. Your exploration is supported and threatened by robots and unusual characters. You must be brave, curious, and discerning to find the objects you need and the path to follow.

The fantasy world of Namariel is both post-apocalyptic and beautiful with its unique scenery and mechanics. Read the mind of a furry friend Aira for clues and companionship. Refer to the achievements page to give you a hint about what you need to accomplish. You'll be deeply hooked by the story and the quest once you enter the world of Namariel.

Test your wit, fortitude, and skills of observation when you try the free trial version of Namariel Legends - Iron Lord or download the full-unlimited version today!