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Mystery Riddles 

 Mystery Riddles
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Mystery Riddles Stats
  • Choose from two different game modes: Pic-a-Pix and Fill-a-Pix.
  • Play through a huge bundle of 200 levels of challenge.
  • Puzzle through small and huge grids – up to 30x30.
  • Explore 10 mysterious locations.

Game Description

A doubly magical picto-puzzle adventure awaits! The Great Tapestries of the Pictomancers must be revealed in Mystery Riddles, a puzzle pack of Pic-a-Pix and Fill-a-Pix game boards wrapped in a classically enchanting tale of darkness vs. light.

Although Mysteria was once the home of the powerful Pictomancers, who infused painted or woven images with arcane energy, things have grown dark and they have all but disappeared. Their secrets have disappeared with them. You, the last remaining Pictomancer must save the kingdom by restoring these powerful images.

Reclaim the integrity of the beautiful and magically protective images when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Mystery Riddles today!
Genre:  Puzzle