Mystery P.I. - The New York Fortune
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8
  • 600 MHz Not specified
  • 256 MB Ram
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Mystery P.I. - The New York Fortune 

A family calls upon your investigating skills to find the hidden will of their rich and fun loving family member in Mystery P.I. - The New York Fortune Deluxe. Visit famous New York locations like Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge while searching for the beloved fortune. Find 25 keys and apples to unlock extra game modes. Prove once more that you're the best detective!

  • 3 different game modes
  • over 2100 objects to find
  • explore 25 New York locations
  • 5 mini-games included
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Reviews of Mystery P.I. - The New York Fortune
 | Added on: June 4, 2010
The objects are well hidden. A lot of them blend in bueatfuly and you really have to look to find them. Kind of goes well with my jigsaw puzzles.
 | Added on: August 31, 2010
After reading such good reviews I was disappointed with the overall game. The graphics ARE very good, and the hidden objects are nicely blended in some cases. The fact that the clues given are not always perfectly straightforward is nice as well. However, it became very frustrating to have to return to the same scenes over and over again. While there were plenty of objects to find, it just got old. I prefer games that progress and have an unfolding storyline. This was definitely not one of those. After the first round through the scenes I felt like I was just clicking, clicking, clicking without much thought. As all of the other reviews are very good I guess I'm the odd man out here!
 | Added on: November 20, 2009
Out of all the online games I've played the Mystery PI games are my favorite as I have all of them that have been offered for purchase thus far and hope to see more. If you LOVE hidden object games with a challenge as some of the objects are kinda hard to find but nothing overwhelming. In spite of the challenge I do find these games relaxing as I feel plenty of time is given to find everything. The one and only thing I wish was different is to be able to go back to a location after all the items have been found to find the key and/or apple as there were times I'd get so wrapped up into find the objects I would forget to get the key, apple, or sometimes both. On and also the magnify glass. I just wish there was something to prompt you at least if you'd wish to go back and find these. Definitely a 5 star game though.
 | Added on: June 27, 2012
Old money bags is leaving all his money to his cats and dogs. You have 17 hours to find his will, so get ready to move fast. Lots of things to find and mini games to play. Graphics are bright and colorful, music is good just watch for the keys and apples.
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
Another Mystery PI where you have a variety of scenes with hidden objects uniquely placed. You get an opportunity to revisit scenes that tests your memory. I was amazed at the Antique scene that so many hidden objects could be placed for the hunt in a box of old coins and stamps. Truly remarkable. As with other Mystery PI's you are timed at each location however ample time is awarded. So sit back, relax and enjoy the scenes of New York.
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
I agree with the other reviewer that rated this game low. The players that gave it a 5 must have a greater boredom tolerance than I do. This makes you go back again and again to the same tired scenes. I got so bored I couldn't even finish it. Really disappointed.
 | Added on: May 20, 2009
Colorful sunny graphics with all the right places that scream NYC. Even if I already played though I still replay just for the graphics alone. It feels like taking a treasure hunt vacation in NYC. A good solid hidden object game with mini-games to collect clues for the final challenge at the end of the game. Definitely worth at least the trial download.
 | Added on: October 5, 2012
This game was extremely boring - I couldn't imagine doing 25 levels! I made it to about level 9 and was so bored with going back to the same scenes over and over, I quit. The story was kind of lame...just didn't like it. I will say that the ho scenes were very well done - the graphics were nice. I just didn't like going back to them over and over...
 | Added on: June 16, 2010
It is very good in that there are both items to find in each section but also the same items to find as well in each section. I like that it says what the item does sometimes instead of just giving you the name. It also takes advantage of words as the item. The only thing I don't like is how many times you go into the same scenes to get all the clues. But, when you do go into them, there is so much stuff hidden you do not keep having to find the same things over and over.
 | Added on: May 8, 2010
If you like HOG, you'll love the MPI series! If you love the MPI series, you'll be hooked with NY Fortune!! These games are great fun -make you think outside the box with some clues; the puzzles are varied and challenging; find the keys, the apples, and the magnifying glasses in addition to the listed items for every screen; once you qualify for the puzzle- keep finding the other items for big points. You can stop anytime after any scene or after you get each promotion in rank; great game!
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