Mystery P.I. - Stolen in San Francisco
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • 350 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Mystery P.I. - Stolen in San Francisco 

Head to the city by the bay for an exciting case with Mystery P.I. - Stolen in San Francisco Deluxe, a fun new investigation in the hit series. $250 Million in solid gold has been stolen from an armored car. The gold's owner has hired you, the world famous Mystery P.I., to find and return the gold before the trail goes cold and it is lost forever. Get on the case!

  • track down $250 million in gold with this exciting hidden object investigation
  • visit 25 famous San Francisco landmarks to find clues left by the thieves
  • play nine different mini-games including 3-in-a-row, Jigsaw Puzzle and Word Search
  • locate Keys and Peace symbols to unlock two bonus play modes
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Reviews of Mystery P.I. - Stolen in San Francisco
 | Added on: September 23, 2010
I have all the Mystery PI games and this one has a couple of features that are new. On one page, you don't collect one puzzle piece but lots of them. That is repeated on other pages with different items. The final puzzle for each set is now no longer mandatory. I do all but some might prefer not to. I look forward to each new game in the set with great pleasure. Marianne
 | Added on: September 28, 2010
This is a good game as all PI games are.It is interesting moves fast. Don't get bogged down trying to solve puzzles with no instructions on how to solve them.
 | Added on: September 16, 2010
I enjoy these games. My boyfriend likes to play them with me, and that make's it better. Most of the items in every area are easy to find but for me I always had an issue finding at least a couple of them, which I like. I love finding the keys and peace signs as well as the flashlights for extra points and stuff, and I like the mini games. All in all these are good quality games.
 | Added on: September 20, 2010
I really enjoyed playing this game. It was not tough, but really enjoyable. Liked the additional games they had to play. FUN!!
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
Unlike some of the Hidden Object games lately that give you absolutely no clue as to how to proceed, this game is a straight-out, hidden object game with various challenge games at the end of each "episode". For someone looking for a relaxing, simple, find the object game, this one fits the bill. I enjoy playing this one as well as the first Mystery P.I. Game, The London Caper, which I also own. This game is relaxing, challenging and fun to play.
 | Added on: September 29, 2010
LOVE the Mystery P.I. series. One big plus is the unlimited seek and find and bonus puzzle unlocks when you find all the keys and peace symbols. (Find all the flashlights for bonus points, too.) I find they improve the series with each new offering. This one isn't as dark as some of the previous ones, which make it easier to see the items. Nothing is worse than straining my aging eyes on a screen that is too dark. Very relaxing,fun to replay and good value! Highly recommend.
 | Added on: September 21, 2010
Having lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, and home sick I might add, this game was like going home. I simply relaxed and visited familiar sites. The graphics were excellent and thoughtful. Hidden objects were well placed. The keys, peace signs and flashlights are easily collected. The game was intelligent in reminding you if you had not collected one of the objects in a repeated scene. The final puzzle of the game required to locate the gold was fun. So sit back and enjoy the ride on the cable car, visiting China Town, the Golden Gate, view of the Bay and your trip to Napa Valley. My thanks to SpinTop for a well developed game.
 | Added on: December 27, 2010
This game is very addictive but again aren't all HOG. The main reason why I like it is because if your slow or not good at finding things they have a relaxed mode which is no time limit and unlimited hints which helps allot. So in my thoughts try the game you won't be able to stop trust me i couldn't stop playing for like 2 days.
 | Added on: October 21, 2010
Enjoying this game as much as I have enjoyed all the Mystery P.I. games. Challenging without being impossible.
 | Added on: September 20, 2010
I love all the Mystery PI games by Spintop, and this is no exception. The scenes are crisp and clear and the objects are well-defined. Unlike some HOG games, they don't resort to dark scenes or objects that are almost completely hidden, but it's still challenging. I also like the unlimited seek & find (once you unlock it). This makes it a good replay value...I play over and over to try to beat my score/time for each scene. Keep up the good work, Spintop!
 | Added on: September 23, 2010
I love all the Mystery P. I Games. They are different all of the time and keep you looking and keep the mind sharp.
 | Added on: September 24, 2010
This is my first Mystery PI game which I found very interesting. I have been unable to get the crane to work and only found 24 keys and 23 peace symbols. Hope to do better the second time around.
 | Added on: September 17, 2010
I like these games. I did have trouble finding a couple of the peace signs but it is a good game. I like that when you finish it, it goes on to unlimited play. All in all another good game in this series
 | Added on: September 17, 2010
I like the Mystery P.I. series and this is a perfect one to add to your collection if that is what you are doing.
 | Added on: September 24, 2010
Great fun! I like the "puzzle within a puzzlel" aspect of this game. Will buy more Mystery PI games
 | Added on: September 20, 2010
I've always been a fan of the Mystery PI games because this was my very first HOG that started it all for me and helped me move on to more advanced HOGS. This is also the perfect game in my opinion if you are just getting started and new to HOG games as this is a pretty straight forward HOG with some mini games thrown in like Jig saw puzzles, match 3, spot the difference, and this one even had a new one that the others don't have and that's "repeat the sequence" which I'm glad there wasn't too much I had to remember on that because my attention span is about the size of a flea when it comes to "repeat the sequence" - you know kinda like "Simon says?" LOL! This is also a nice game even if you are an advanced HOG player and just want to take a break from it all and not have to think a whole lot trying to figure out what to do/go to next and very challenging puzzles cause this is as about as far from that as one can get. In this game just in case you've never played it or any of the other Mystery PI games along with finding the items you have to find keys and peace symbols - 25 of them. There is also 25 flashlights to earn an extra million points. Most items are pretty easy to find but I did have to use a few hints. Hints also charge up quick however deduct 7500 points for each time used. Also if you find all the keys, peace symbols, flash lights, it unlocks unlimited seek & find and a match 3 game. In the past I've always given these a 5 star rating and I believe the last one I played a 4. This one gets a 3 star rating from me because it seems like after at least 3 or 4 of these they would try to throw in some different kind of puzzles and no not "repeat the sequence"LOL! I also didn't like the ending on this AT ALL. Very cheesy in my opinion compared to the other PI games. A shout out to Gamehouse since I know you read these reviews... Tell the developers of this game that while Mystery PI is a great game after several of these they do need to spice up the mini games a notch instead of the same ole puzzles every time as this one was the same as the others except the "repeat the sequence." Oh and work on the grand finale cause the very end was not good otherwise this would have been a 5 star game for me.
 | Added on: September 29, 2010
Way too easy & boring! Was able to solve most scenes in about 3 minutes. Artistry is nice, but search is not a challenge at all.
 | Added on: January 27, 2014
I am hooked! I enjoy hidden object games, I own several now. After playing P.I. S. F., I tried another in the P. I. series (NY) it's just as engaging & addictive as SF. Now I want them ALL!
 | Added on: September 16, 2010
I am a big fan of the Mystery PI series and was so excited to see a new one. This is a serious letdown. I found it to be boring. The big finale at the end was even blah. I kept hoping for more and it didn't deliver.
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
i love my hidden object games and this to me is one of the best game i have played. i'm addicted to my games. lot of times i sit untill 5am playing. I LOVE IT. Marilyn, in Louisiana
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