Mystery Novel 

 Mystery Novel
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Mystery Novel Stats
  • Learn the dark secret behind a notorious murder in this Hidden Object investigation.
  • Leave no stone unturned as the new Crime Editor to the local city paper.
  • Search dozens of creepy locations for clues and other revealing facts.
  • Solve clever puzzles and a host of mini-games including memory and spot-the-difference.
  • This game is intended for mature audiences.

Game Description

Unravel the intrigue behind an ancient magical amulet in Mystery Novel, a game where danger and darkness walk hand in hand.

As the new crime editor of the daily paper, you stumble across the last case that your predecessor was working on. It involves the late mayor's murder and the strange circumstances surrounding his killer the day he was set to be executed. Further investigation turns up a strange amulet that mysteriously ages when you put it on. How is this possible and what does this have to do with the death of the mayor?

Find the answers to these questions and other revealing facts as the investigation unfolds. Search creepy locations, including the burned prison, for clues and items that will help reveal the truth. Solve clever puzzles, play inventive mini-games like memory and spot-the-difference, and discover the mystery behind the strange amulet. Can you find out why the mayor was killed and if the killer was truly possessed?

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Genre:  Hidden Object