Mystery Novel
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Mystery Novel 

Unravel the intrigue behind an ancient magical amulet in Mystery Novel Deluxe, a game where danger and darkness walk hand in hand. As the new crime editor of the daily paper, you stumble across the last case that your predecessor was working on. It involves the late mayor's murder and the strange circumstances surrounding his killer the day he was set to be executed.

  • learn the dark secret behind a notorious murder in this hidden object investigation
  • leave no stone unturned as the new Crime Editor to the local city paper
  • search dozens of creepy locations for clues and other revealing facts
  • solve clever puzzles and a host of mini-games including memory and spot-the-difference
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Reviews of Mystery Novel
 | Added on: September 17, 2011
I really enjoyed the game. Played it in 1 day but I really worked at it. The game is very forgiving re hint refill.
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
It's not a complicated game. It's not a game where you made a mad dash around th table, screaming on top of your lungs - "Whyyyy can't I find that one object?". You have a choice between easy or hard (casual or not). The story line was okay. I wasn't wowed by the story. The story could have been a bit better, more exciting. I'm a sucker for games that involve prisons but the story has to be really captivating enough for me to play for hours without getting up to the bathroom or wishing I was an astronaut to wear diapers. This game does have certain moments where you have to use your brain to solve puzzles, and some times where I used the hint to just find one or two missing objects that blended in the picture. Other than that, the game was fun, a nice break from reality and motherhood. :-)
 | Added on: October 11, 2011
i found this game to be fairly easy to follow. tho you have to go to different locations, i didn't feel lost as i sometimes do in games like these. the HO part of the game was good. some of the items i didn't know by the names the developers called them, but mostly i was able to figure them out. the story is mysterious. the music great for the story. the graphics are good. ok game.
 | Added on: September 19, 2011
I did like this game even though it was very predictable and easy. A couple of the puzzles i wasn't able to figure out and had to skip and at one point an item was labeled as a bolt but looked nothing like one. The story line was good and made finishing this game fun
 | Added on: September 19, 2011
I liked the story line. The graphics were good. The hidden objects were easy to find some of the terminology was different for the objects. I didn't enjoy killing the rat. I definitely wouldn't recommend this subject matter for kids. I was just getting into the game and it was over. I wish there were more puzzles. Good for a quick game.
 | Added on: September 19, 2011
I thought the game was good, but it had a few annoying parts. It seemed that everything was in slow motion moving from one scene to another. Hints recharged very slowly as well. HO scenes were rather repetitive. It also needed a map for easier navigation. Watch out for the strange verbage. For example, money box meant a piggy bank.
 | Added on: September 19, 2011
Gloomy but compelling little game, with a balance of adventure/puzzles/HO scenes, and certainly the opening scenes catch your attention. Though the protagonist is a dry character, the plot does keep you interested. He's a crime reporter trying to solve a suspicious murder for which a man was executed. Don't run away just yet, there's evidence that the murder isn't all that it seems. The game takes you through a good variety of clear though unembellished scenes, has clear graphics, and HO scenes aren't awful junkpiles. Some puzzles are quite challenging, but those are later in the game. Adventure is mostly intuitive, and no hints are provided if you do get stuck. Usually just foraging around scenes and watching for sparkles will get you where you need to go. Some translations are awkward for speech and HOs-the developers are Russian, I believe. A little more attention to QA would've caught those. Still, I enjoyed this "game noir" better than some so-called CE fare, and it only cost me a Fun Ticket. I recommend this for a nice change from all the copycat games. 3.5 stars
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
This turned out to be on of the poorer games I have attempt to complete. The negative points resulting from poor development quickly raised my frustration level to a point I had to end this one, before I complete the entire game. The negative points that built include: 1. As discussed elsewhere in there reviews, the mislabeling of the items during the translation to English. When I did not find what the name implied, I had to click on random items until I located, what the developers intended. In addition, when I found the medical examiners report, it made no sense, as the terminology used was totally unfamiliar to me. So I could not figure out what I was suppose to learn from the report. 2. I found the puzzles a really frustrating experience. you are required to click on the puzzle piece to rotate it into the correct orienation. After you turn the piece the first time, you have to click all over the item until you find the specific area on the piece that causes the piece to rotate. This need to click all over each piece to rotate ruined my desire to complete the puzzle. 3. The graphics are poor at best, and the music dull and unappealing. I did not care for this game;However, I will leave the decision about playing the game up to each of you. Have fun!
 | Added on: September 16, 2011
Overall an okay game. The concept was interesting, but the story didn't really follow through...and the game was soooo short. Okay to play if you have a Fun Pass subscription, but probably a waste of game credit or money. Review says it is for "mature audiences" but I'm not exactly sure why. Nothing too graphic or scary.
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
Was hoping to like the game a little more, graphics are not too bad until the guy turns old, then he starts looking like my aunt agnes *rme*-scary! A lot of back and forth between rooms just to find one thing for one room, so a little irritating. This game is worth a shot.
 | Added on: September 16, 2011
 | Added on: September 16, 2011
Graphics is pretty good. Almost same music over and over, even in boss battle, really anti climatic. No characters' voices. Slow interactions and moving between scenes. May frustrate impatient players. Somewhat interesting story line up until the end, very bad ending, leaving me saying: "That's it?" Good HOs & puzzles. Hint recharges in 1 minute, and can't be used in puzzles. Hint will tell you if there is nothing to be done/finished at the time in current scene, or point to objects/interactable locations. I enjoyed most puzzles, though I skipped the arranging numbers, didn't even get how it works. Rather short play time, finished game in around 3 hours or so. Boss battle is kinda good, you and boss have to collect HOs, first one completed win. I beat him by only 1 item, with 1 hint O-O phew. Some materials are not kid-friendly. Not good replay due to no extras/other modes. Not recommended for buying.
 | Added on: September 16, 2011
A very intresting game that gets you thinking and the story really has you engaged into the story as to what happened. the mystery unraveals when you play through each puzzle, open traps and doors and each way through gets you closer and closer to the idea of whats behind the mystery novel.
 | Added on: October 6, 2011
I have problems with the puzzles sometimes which is not unusual for me. I also at times do not know where to go next and I occasionally get so frustrated that I quit the game for that session to only return later and continue.
 | Added on: September 17, 2011
Not my favorite of the HOG and very typical for the genre. The graphics are good, very gothic and dreary but easy to see things in the scenes. HO's are pretty easy to find and objects that you need to use on other objects were easy to figure out. I thought the game was really short and that disappointed me. Essentially, there were only four locations to explore, the mansion, the police station, a two room house with a one room basement and a hut. Then you go to the asylum which again, only has two or three small rooms. Probably not good for small kids just because the theme is dark. It's an okay game to kill some time but it probably won't take you more than a couple of hours.
 | Added on: September 16, 2011
Game Style: Not successful at either HO or P&C, this game tries hard to be both. The result is a game that's too slow and easy for a P&C, and too hard for a HO. Artwork: Mediocre visuals with no real sound or animation to involve you. Story: Too slow. Replay: I wouldn't. May be of greater interest to strictly HO fans, but then the mystery side just gets in the way. The HOs are quite tricky, because they test your verbal skills as well as your powers of observation. Flaws: See above Tips: HO fans bring a dictionary, P&C fans, ignore it.
 | Added on: September 19, 2011
Not enough areas to explore or things to do. Also has a hokey ending. Very disappointing.
 | Added on: September 17, 2011
It was a bit slow changing scenes and many times it would take several clicks to pick up an item. Missing journals/maps I don't like feeling my way around a game with absouletly no information, but it was easy enough to get through.
 | Added on: September 16, 2011
Too much going back and forth. Items hidden are labeled wrong. A tire iron is listed as a "key" a tin cup is labeled as a "tin can". I want to play a game, not feel like I am in high school. Not a big fan.
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
This wasn't the greatest game I've ever played, but it wasn't the worst either. That goes for the graphics and storyline as well. You have hidden object scenes as well as tasks to figure out, which I always like. There's a lot of back and forth between scenes, and the mini-games can be skipped if you chose. FunPass members should give it a try.
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