Mystery Murders - Jack the Ripper 

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Mystery Murders - Jack the Ripper Stats
  • Explore detailed and accurate crime scenes.
  • Read actual terrifying headlines from newspapers of the day.
  • Experience the hunt for Jack the Ripper from the perspectives of three unique characters.
  • Solve puzzles and find hidden objects in an immersive and mysterious atmosphere.

Game Description

The East End of Victorian London is ravaged by a series of terrifying murders of "ladies of the night" on the streets of Whitechapel. Join a clairvoyant, a rookie newspaper journalist, and a Scotland Yard Inspector as they hunt down the notorious murderer in Mystery Murder - Jack the Ripper, a historical and bloody hidden object adventure.

Emma de Ville is a gifted clairvoyant who experiences severe headaches along with haunting visions of murders just before they happen. Frank Hudson is a dedicated rookie journalist committed to seeking out the truth. Inspector Frederick Abberline is a seasoned veteran of Scotland Yard. Each one is doing what they can to end the killing.

The challenges of poverty and overcrowding have caused a spike in the occurrence of robbery, violence, disease and drunkenness. The most vulnerable souls walk a fine line between survival and utter destitution. For thousands of women, a life of selling themselves on the streets of Whitechapel has become the only way they can avoid the misery of the workhouse and starvation.

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