Mysterious Worlds - The Secret of Oak Island
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  • Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 128 MB Ram
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Mysterious Worlds - The Secret of Oak Island 

Solve a real-life mystery in Mysterious Worlds - The Secret of Oak Island Deluxe, an engaging new hidden object challenge featuring a fabled treasure. Search for hidden items and strange clues in museums, mineshafts, and more. Decode ancient tables, put together pirate maps, and uncover the truth behind this legendary mystery. Play this original game that was inspired by actual events today!

  • An original hidden object game based on actual events
  • Search for more than one thousand hidden items in over 20 unique locations
  • Use special tools to help you crack the mystery
  • Follow a compelling storyline
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Reviews of Mysterious Worlds - The Secret of Oak Island
 | Added on: August 4, 2009
Good mix of gameplay but I got a shock when solving one of the word codes games. I had a word _anker and I went through all my remaining letters not believing the missing letter could be a "w" but turned out it was exactly that. I was really enjoying the game before that.
 | Added on: December 7, 2009
One of the worst games I've ever played on here. Nothing but frustration in my opinion. About a few minutes of this game was all I could stand. There is timed mode and relaxed mode. I did timed mode as I like to play time mode on hidden object games. I didn't run out of time. Just couldn't stand the game any longer. Thank goodness for free trial. Some of the objects were pretty easy to find. Most were near impossible in my opinion. The so called hint feature is a joke - a compass -and no matter where you have it, all it does is spind round and round doesn't even give you a "hint" to where the item you are looking for is. That was my experience with this game. Hope your experience is much better than mine if you decide to play. I've already unstalled it from my computer it was that bad. Yes... cut this off and pull the plug already!
 | Added on: August 4, 2009
Every time an item is clicked, there is a flash in the middle of the screen. It is very annoying. Try to score points with that. Kinda lame.
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
To the previous reviewers: This is actually a fun game once you get the hang of it. To the person who got stuck at the coffin: Pick the magnifying glass and click on the coffin. To the person who couldn't find the robot: Use the nightvision tool. To the person who said the hint compass would spin and spin: You have to move it slowly around until it spins slower and finally stops with a "click", then you have your object. The further away from the object you move, the faster it will spin etc. Overall, a good game in my opinion, a bit repetitive but it wasn't as bad as other games I've played. Mini games were easy, though.
 | Added on: August 4, 2009
I played this thru and enjoyed it very much. Nice graphics and storyline. Most annoying thing is that the helpful tools below are too touchy. Keep popping up when you are trying to search the bottom edge. Older kid friendly, as the decoding puzzlers would probably be unsolvable for younger players. Two thumbs up!
 | Added on: August 11, 2009
There is a point you get to where there is no solution and no clue to tell you how to get help. This is after you get where the coffins are, there is no tool to use after you find the key to let you get to the coffin. I had to delete the game I found it frustrating.
 | Added on: August 11, 2009
You can choose whether to play this game as a timed one or a leisurely untimed one. The story is good and you learn about the Secret of Oak Island as you pick up Lore cards, which aren't necessary to playing the game. I found that I couldn't wait to find out more and more about the secret. There is a twist at the end which I wasn't expecting, I challenge you to find it too!
 | Added on: August 24, 2009
While playint the game I encounted a problem on the Sacred Cross. It asks for a robot, when I used the help button and clicked where I should have there is nothing there and certainly not a robot. I encounted this problem with the Leisurely as well as the timed game and have not been able to finish as a result. The game was great up to that point. Can you help.
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