Mysterious City - Vegas 

 Mysterious City - Vegas
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Mysterious City - Vegas Stats
  • A new case in the Mysterious City hidden object collection
  • Search through more than 60 levels and 1000 items
  • Play variations to spot differences or piece jigsaw puzzles
  • Enjoy three casino mini-games
  • Unlock wallpapers from beautiful Las Vegas locations

Game Description

Head for the dazzling city lights of the Las Vegas Strip in Mysterious City - Vegas, and catch a casino burglar red-handed!

Coming off her successful cases in Prague and Cairo, Dr. Ellis is on a new mission visiting the entertainment capital of the world. A casino thief has been making the rounds with no one yet able to identify or stop him. Only Dr. Ellis, with her keen detective skills and experience in unsolved crimes, is capable of cracking this hidden object caper and apprehending the notorious burglar.

As Dr. Ellis, check in to your VIP suite and hope that Lady Luck is on your side by uncovering all of the necessary clues to nab the thief and put him behind bars! Search through 60 levels and over 1000 objects while staking out casino tables and lavish Vegas locations. Track down important information by comparing two similar scenes for differences or piecing together various images. If you can spare the time, you can also have a little fun yourself by playing old favorites like cards, slots or bingo!

Roll the dice with the free trial version or go all-in and play the full version of Mysterious City - Vegas, and crack the case of the casino thief once and for all!
Genre:  Hidden Object