Mysteries and Nightmares - Morgiana 

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Mysteries and Nightmares - Morgiana Stats
  • Follow the unfolding of a curious and captivating adventure.
  • Enjoy movie-like cinematic scenes.
  • Explore detailed and colorful scenes including a magical castle, frozen underground, jungles, volcanoes, and more.
  • Discover magical items and solve mind-twisting puzzles.

Game Description

Is it a dream or is this mysterious and abandoned castle for real? Perhaps the friendly mouse can help you solve the mysteries and nightmares while you help him find his way back to being a real mouse in Mysteries and Nightmares – Morgiana, a uniquely enchanted hidden object adventure.

Fires in the hearths, voices echo through the halls, and wild magic seeps through the walls. Learn the art and craft of magical artifacts and the esoteric skill of traveling to different worlds. Discover clues and piece together the shattered elements of this very personal mystery.

Seek the truth and explore ruins, portals, and more when you play the free trial version of Mysteries and Nightmares – Morgiana today!
Genre:  Hidden Object