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 Murfy Maths
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Murfy Maths Stats
  • Challenge yourself with over 100 entertaining levels.
  • Choose from 3 different game modes: Arcade, Blitz, and Mission.
  • Play unique and innovative math and number-based challenges.
  • Share the challenges as a team of challenge each other with family-friendly fun.

Game Description

Master your numbers in a run against the clock in Murfy Maths, a fun and family-friendly math puzzler. Number crunching and creating chains that add up just right as fast you can muster makes this game a stimulating and fun practice at math skills. Suss out sums, manipulate multipliers, subdue subtraction, and dominate division as you create number runs to hit numerical targets and challenges set by Murfy. Warm up with Arcade mode to get your thinker in the groove. When you achieve Level Five, unlock Blitz Mode where Murfy throws down fast-paced challenges in quick succession. Achieve Level 8 and unlock Mission Mode where you are tasked with specific goals. Use special cells and Shuffle strategically to hit your targets with bonus scoring. Hitting a target bang on is important for big points, but with time against you, you can take your points when you're close enough. Beat the clock as well as the challenge! Enjoy strengthening your math skills when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Murfy Maths today!
Genre:  Puzzle