Murder, She Wrote 2 - Return to Cabot Cove 

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Murder, She Wrote 2 - Return to Cabot Cove Stats
  • Solve three new cases with Jessica in this fantastic Hidden Object search.
  • Meet friends new and old from the classic television show.
  • Search crime scenes and decipher dozens of challenging puzzles.
  • Interview witnesses and analyze evidence.
  • Uncover the truth with unique fill-in-the-blank object lists.

Game Description

Revisit the quaint little village with an unusually high murder rate in Murder, She Wrote 2 - Return to Cabot Cove, a fun new collection of mysteries.

Jessica is back on the case with three fantastic new murder mysteries to solve. In Case 1, a prominent gallery owner is found stabbed in the back and Jessica must distinguish friend from foe. In Case 2, the philanthropic president of the local charity is found electrocuted to death and Jessica must discover whether the motive was love, money or power. In Case 3, Jessica goes on vacation and finds herself embroiled in a mystery involving James Joyce.

Join Jessica as she investigates these cases and brings the culprits to justice. Search crime scenes through beautifully rendered environments, solve dozens of challenging puzzles, and uncover the truth with unique fill-in-the-blank hidden object lists. You'll need good intuition, quick wits, and a keen eye for detail to solve the mysteries.

Critics give the game 4 out of 5 stars and state, "Murder, She Wrote 2 - Return to Cabot Cove is an extremely polished hidden object adventure game that's fun for detective fans of all ages." See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Murder, She Wrote 2 - Return to Cabot Cove today!
Genre:  Hidden Object