Motor Town - Soul of the Machine
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Motor Town - Soul of the Machine 

Enjoy Motor Town - Soul of the Machine Deluxe, and follow a young journalist on her search for her first scoop! To find a missing inventor she needs to travel to Motor Town, but when she arrives there's something strange going on. Can you find out why spirits are wandering around the city, and what happened to the inventor? Play Motor Town - Soul of the Machine Deluxe now!

  • follow a journalist who needs to find a missing inventor for an impressive scoop
  • explore the strange Motor Town and search for clues in factories and old cars
  • communicate with spirits of the dead and help them out by performing tasks
  • enjoy tons of hidden object challenges and many unusual and interesting mini-games
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Reviews of Motor Town - Soul of the Machine
 | Added on: April 4, 2013
There isn't really too much to say for this game as it doesn't offer much of a challenge. The graphics are good and easy to find in the HO scenes.
 | Added on: April 11, 2013
I LOVED this game... One can't even call it a "game" Right from the beginning you begin to discover the lost souls and the great story of how it all happened. Believe it? Or not? I couldn't put it away! It's as if this is an excellent crime novel come to life! Except you are the one writing and solving all at the same time!! I recommend this game with 5 stars! It has a little bit of everything for the family who wants to play a good one!
 | Added on: April 3, 2013
OK,well,I liked this game,it was a nice all around,satisfying evening of gameplay...but I dont think I would purchase it for my collection... The story was original,the HOS were up to par for Alawar,as were the mini games,the music was good,it didnt pester me at all,the voice overs were a little annoying,but not so much so that it took away from the gameplay,hint was very helpful in HOS and for pointing you on your way and made up for the lack of map... All in all,a decent play and as I said earlier,a satisfying evening ... as always HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE !!!!
 | Added on: April 2, 2013
Game details: This review is for the completed game. -2 Difficulty Modes: Casual and Expert *Mode can be changed any time during the game through the Options Menu. -Notebook can be found on the bottom left portion of the screen. *Clues to solve some of the puzzles were entered in the notebook. -No Map -Inventory bar does not lock. -The game did fill my 19“ monitor screen. -Hint button can be used for both HOS and game play. Very helpful even if no Walkthrough is available. -Most of the HOS are interactive and in junkpile form. Each HOS is visited twice and the objects are not interchangeable per game (you get the same objects to find even if the game is replayed). There is a misclick penalty if the wrong objects are picked 5x in a row; a semi-transparent dark mist will fill the screen for a few seconds. -Puzzles could be skipped. POSSIBLE SPOILER: There were 13 amulets to collect throughout the game. I don’t consider these as “Collectibles” though, because you don’t intentionally look for them. You obtain the amulets when a soul is “released” from the bondage of it’s car, after finishing a puzzle, or finding it as an inventory item. The amulets were placed in a special locket located near the Hint button on the right bottom side. Genre: Science Fiction/Paranormal Game length: I consider myself a slow to medium paced player, so it took me almost 6 hours to complete the game. Excellent length for a SE. My opinions about the game: *I played in Expert mode and there were NO sparkles anywhere, even for the HOS. *Nice grungy/creepy style graphics. *Music fit the game without being obtrusive.
 | Added on: April 4, 2013
actually, the great graphics and good story line are as the same as before. I would recommend those minigames and puzzles which were somewhat challenging, not too easy, not too difficult. i love those minigames more than the game itself.
 | Added on: April 18, 2013
Good graphics, storyline was pretty good to. I played the casual mode, most of the ho's were easy and the mini games were some difficult some harder. Would have rated a 5 if there was a map. Not a lot of back n forth, but near the end I used the hint button for direction (because I was tired n lazy). The heel clacking was getting on my nerves, but just hit the mute button and pronto no more! The length of the games was very nice, a little on the longer side, which is what I like!! More Alawar!!!!!
 | Added on: July 19, 2013
Let me start by saying I don't usually like hidden object games; however, this game is not your average game. It's a combination of hidden object w/some critical thinking put together. I enjoyed the game and will go back and change the difficulty level. Just know the locker puzzle will make you think outside the box. Well worth my fun ticket.
 | Added on: April 3, 2013
I quit when the volkswagon bug had a regular auto trunk in place of the engine compartment - a title of motor town should get it right!
 | Added on: April 16, 2013
I saw this game and at first wasn't going to play but noticed it was from Alawar and went ahead and bought it , cause i love there games alot, and most of the time am extremely happy. This was no exception, i was pleased with the story line was unique, and fun. Puzzles weren't super hard or super easy i felt just about right. Great graphics and over all great game , i would recommend this game to all who loves these types of games:)
 | Added on: May 14, 2013
The story line is very creative. The game has good graphics. The ghost figures of various eras are quite a nice touch – especially their choice of words/expressions reminiscent of those times. The mini games are unusual and interesting. There are plenty of HOs – I loved the “combine parts requirement” to find some of the hidden objects; it requires you to use your brain for a change. The game is mostly linear; the back and forth is limited to the immediate surroundings. That’s a good thing because there is no map. However, if needed, the Hint button will point you in the right direction without depleting. The game is truly diverse and enjoyable.
 | Added on: April 3, 2013
Maybe it is just me but the first scene spoiled it for me, if this is a game about cars then maybe some more research should be done because the VW has the engine in the rear and the trunk in the front. I didn't get much farther than that.
 | Added on: May 29, 2013
I tried this game thinking I wasn't going to like it but I was wrong. This game is a 5 star standard HOG. It has everything you could want in a standard HOG and it is better than some platinum and premium HOGs. Try it you will like it.
 | Added on: April 4, 2013
Storyline is decent, kinda hokey but they all are kinda. A reporter goes on a search for a friend and a mysterious inventor who was duped out of his inventions by an evil one. There were lots of areas to go into. HOG games weren't very hard & same goes for the mini-puzzles. I would have liked a map that would come up when called & shown where I had gone & what needed to be done. My 8 year old enjoyed playing with me at night. The cars theme was great and unique. Overall, this is a good one.
 | Added on: April 15, 2013
The plot was so bizarre I didn't know that I'd like this game, but it was quite good. Lots of scenes in logical sequence, fairly easy but enjoyable mini games. Lots of HOS but they were well drawn and not frustrating. Smooth play and good voiceovers.
 | Added on: April 5, 2013
There is a strange little story line. Scenes are well done and hidden objects not to difficult to find. Fast charging hint button during "casual" game mode. Some objects strangely named, i.e., it asked you to look for a "shuttle" when you are really looking for a "shuttlecock". Little scenes fail to open after you have completed them, so that cuts down on the searching for what to do next. Got really frustrated with some of the puzzles. Often they were only click, click, click until you finally located the correct pattern. Skipped those. Overall a good game. May play again in the harder mode now.
 | Added on: April 8, 2013
I felt the downfall of this game were the drab, dismal, dirty looking graphics. Very depressing. I graded the game 'clicky' only because you had to sweep your icon over the entire screen to find the pointing finger or spinning gears. The storyline was silly. Hope you enjoy more than I did.
 | Added on: May 6, 2013
Enjoyable overall- I would go 4.5 stars if I could, only need to take a little off for lack of a navigable map. A bit of a weak start with the newspaper editor's voiceover being so horribly done- obviously reading off a script- but at least the main charcter voiced her lines very well, and you don't hear from that guy again. Once it got going, I was drawn in quickly, and stayed hooked. Its very creepy and spooky for awhile, but as I got further on in the game it wasn't nearly so scary, although the ever present background footsteps and noises still made your heart beat just a little faster! The weakest area of the game was the navigation, by far, with no jump map, no indication of when a scene is clear (although some you cant return to when clear) and no way to know when a HO scene will reactivate, if you're like me you'll find yourself constantly hitting the hint for a direction. Thankfully the hint doesn't expire on directional clues. (Someone said it had a map, but if it did, I never found it). Its not really linear, which is great. You have a choice of several ways you can go most times, and occasionally its nice to have just what a character asks for right in your inventory when they ask for a change! If a puzzle seems unclear, there's probably a page in the diary you didn't pay attention to, although at least one (the locker code) requires some out of the box thinking. Not a fault of this developer, but it occurs to me to wish HO makers would get together on the whole subject of which corner of the screen the journal and hint buttons will be in! Seems every time I get used to one way, they swap them on the next game, and consequently I'm always reaching for the wrong corner. It didn't seem all that long, but then I was hard pressed to stop, which always makes it go faster. Typically I look for more detailed explanations by the end of the game, but I felt satisified with what they gave us by the end of this even though every detail wasn't completely explained. It made a sort of scifi sense to me, so I was good with it, although I wouldnt have minded knowing more about who/what/why the bad guy was by the end. For once its difficult to come up with any consequential failings. Its really just a good, enjoyable HO adventure romp. It would be great if all games were this difficult to find something wrong with! :)
 | Added on: April 11, 2013
I'm not "in" to cars, and this didn't look like a game that I would particularly like. Yes, the story line is way weird, but I really enjoyed playing. I thought the HO scenes were well done, challenging but not frustrating, the mini games were fun, and it was easy to navigate through the game. I didn't LOVE this game but I feel it was worth the time I spent playing it. Give it a try and I bet you'll enjoy it too!
 | Added on: April 4, 2013
I enjoyed playing the game, but would appreciate a Strategy Guide rather than always having to click on hint.
 | Added on: April 7, 2013
I started out really liking this game. The HO scenes are a little more difficult than normal because there are so many objects that require a two-step process before you can select them. And the mini-games, while not difficult, do require you to think a bit. Also the graphics are well done, which you pretty much assume will be the case when a game is published by Alawar. The story line is intriguing as well. A well known inventor has developed cars that have souls, but he has disappeared, and you learn that he is in danger. There is an evil that must be stopped. So far, so good. While there is a map, you can't automatically click on it to avoid a lot of back-and-forth, so you just have to put up with it. I must say that the first time through, in casual mode, I got a bit lost and had to rely heavily on the hint button to point me in the right direction, which I really dislike. I played again in the difficult mode which has no highlighted areas, not even the HO scenes. The second time I completed the game in 2 1/2 hours, whereas the first time it took me closer to 4 hours. The story line was somewhat unsatisfactory in the end because the nature of the evil was never disclosed. You knew WHO was evil, but what that person intended was never disclosed. In the end, the inventor you had been looking for throughout the whole game miraculously appeared from nowhere. More than a bit unfulfilling. Overall, this is a game worth playing, but the story line left me feeling cheated somehow in the end.
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