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Mirror Mysteries 

 Mirror Mysteries
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Mirror Mysteries Stats
  • Help a young family overcome an unbelievable situation.
  • Find hidden objects and repair a set of mystical mirrors.
  • Travel to magical lands, fulfilling requests to obtain what you seek.
  • Combine items that will help solve puzzling situations.
  • Restore the mirrors and save the children!

Game Description

Gaze into the looking glass with Mirror Mysteries, a magical journey for the entire family!

On a sunny afternoon, a mother and her two young children find themselves traveling down a country road when they decide to make a stop near an old house. The mother turns down for a nap as the children go exploring, then suddenly wakes after a startling crashing sound. The children! She races into the house and finds a remarkable scene. The children are trapped inside a mystical mirror, and that mirror is quite unhappy. Only by restoring the broken mirror, and others beside it, can she hope to get her children back.

Help the young mother locate all of the mirror pieces and free her children! Enter the broken mirrors, each leading to an amazing world filled with magical possibilities. Fulfill a series of requests for those who inhabit those lands, and they will reward you with what you seek. Fix machines, relationships or many other situations when searching for just the right objects. Will you right the wrong and reunite the family?

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