Million Dollar Quest 

 Million Dollar Quest
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Million Dollar Quest Stats
  • Get more than you bargained for in this Hidden Object competition.
  • Travel the world for money, but discover clues to a lost past.
  • Follow the twists and turns to bring the answers together.
  • Meet intriguing people and solve peculiar puzzles.
  • Find out if all is real, or just a cruel hoax.

Game Description

Win the prize of a lifetime in Million Dollar Quest, a riveting journey that yields an unexpected reward.

At a young age, Sandra suffered a terrible car accident that left her orphaned and without a memory. Years passed and she was able to resume a normal life, until one day she answered an invitation to participate in a Million Dollar Quest. Now, she's on a worldwide race to claim the prize, but things quickly change as the competition is somehow linked to her amnesia and lost childhood memories. How is this possible?

Join Sandra in this thrilling adventure to win something much greater than she ever imagined! Follow the twists and turns to piece together her past. Meet intriguing people, search for hidden objects, and solve puzzles to discover clues. Can she recover her memories? Will she win the million dollars? Is all of this real or just a cruel hoax?

Find out when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Million Dollar Quest today!
Genre:  Hidden Object