Mevo and The Grooveriders
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Mevo and The Grooveriders 

Bring the funk back to the universe in Mevo and the Grooveriders, a fantastic intergalactic voyage of rhythm and melody!

In the outer reaches of the galaxy, there exists a race evolved from music itself known as EVOs. They adore music and likewise music loves them back. As a celebration to mark the birth of music begins, Mevo and the Grooveriders take center stage to drop funky beats but little do they know that Silence is plotting to make all sound disappear. Just as the music is about to begin, Silence strikes and all sound across the universe goes missing, including the Grooveriders. Now it's up to Mevo to find his friends, restore music and defeat Silence.

Help Mevo travel the galaxy and conquer five psychedelic worlds as you use your rhythm and timing to march to the beats. Simple left and right taps guide Mevo along his course where you can string together combos to unlock rewards and special areas. Custom outfits will provide power-ups to make this voyage easier but only by mastering the music can you hope to reunite the band and bring back the funk.

Find out why critics are calling Mevo and the Grooveriders “wacky, addictive and challenging, and is sure to amuse and entertain for many toe-tappingly hours”. Try the free download version or play the full unlimited version today and get your groove on!

  • 15 funky levels with original music
  • Simple left and right tap controls
  • Customize Mevo for special power-ups
  • Captivating gameplay for all music lovers
  • Play Mevo and the Grooveriders free today
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Reviews of Mevo and The Grooveriders
 | Added on: January 23, 2015
I often find myself playing the same types of games over and over and reluctant to try new ones. But this is a refreshing change. I like and am good at music and rhythm, yet this game still presents a challenge. I get excited when I finally complete all 3 goals for each level, after many tries. And I like each song better each time I play it - normally this isn't "my type" of music, but I like it after awhile. Give it a shot!
 | Added on: March 11, 2012
As the other reviewers already explained the game in a nutshell I won't go into it... though I will say... I hate the guitar hero games, but loveloveLOVE Mevo! Its hard, but totally fun... and I haven't made it thru the last round of the 3rd level either, but I completely plan to... I just have to keep trying. It won't be easy... but what GREAT game IS easy?? This is the most fun I've had playing a casual game EVER. The music is awesome & very catchy.. I find it running thrru my head for hours after - if not days. Now I've been a funpass member in the past, and was when i bought this game... so I RARELY buy games... when it came to Mevo though... I ran to the site to buy it before I even finished the 2nd level! Its that much fun! Try it... its not only different from any other game out there.. its just plain more fun! VERY ADDICTING!
 | Added on: February 16, 2010
if you like guitar hero, this may be a game that you'd really like. the music i was expecting more of a groove, like perhaps songs of the '70s. the gameplay looks easy up until you realise that you have to replay one of the levels twice more before advancing to the next stage meeting the criteria. for example, making 100-1000 combos, or not making any more than 5 off notes. and you lose 5 bars for every missed note that can make it frustrating in the later levels of the game when it gets difficult. power-ups are a necessity to have in the game. combos are a necessity. what i do like about it is that you get to choose what kind of outfit you wear for the location, but that said you have to earn the outfits usually through completion of a level. and you can earn awards, for example, for scoring more than 100,000 in a level, or for scoring 100 combos in a level, and so forth. and you have the option of changing the left and right control. which comes in handy for those that download the game from a laptop
 | Added on: November 1, 2010
I tried Mevo & the Grooveriders and thought it actually was a pretty cool (and very unique) game. Kinda hard to explain but it's an arcade game where you have to alternate between left & right controls. The character moves on his own but you go through various scenes and are presented with either left or right arrows (along with different types of power ups). You have to activate either your left or right control at the right time. You can use keyboard or mouse. I opted for mouse. It's pretty fun because you are actually making music as you play. Each time you hit a left or a right, it's a beat in the song. Plus there are things you can do like slider lefts & rights which prolong the musical sounds. It's actually a really cute game. Unfortunately, I could not make it through level 3 after repeated tries. There are several series of left/rights in quick succession all the way through the level. About the best I did was make it to just before the end of the level and THEN die, lol. Tried over and over and was just not having any luck so I had to abandon ship. It's almost 3am here in NY, so maybe my reflexes aren't on. Anyway, for those of you who like arcade games or with quick reflexes, Mevo & the Grooveriders is a really cute game - I guarantee it's not like anything you have played before.
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