Medieval Defenders 

 Medieval Defenders
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Medieval Defenders Stats
  • Play for increased challenge through 40 levels of varying difficulty.
  • Master each level in a different difficulty mode: Easy, Normal, Hard.
  • Successfully defend the castle through one campaign of attack to unlock another.
  • Defeat a myriad of attackers with 12 different types of towers and buildings and magic spells.
  • With coins and elixirs, purchase upgrades to gain a stronger advantage over your enemies.

Game Description

The ancestral castle is under attack! You must master the invaders and defend your legacy in Medieval Defenders, a shiny gem of a tower defense strategy game. Show a bold and strong front as you deploy just the right weapons in just the right strategy to bring down your enemy. The march toward the castle is on, and there is no time to delay.

Build towers, collect coins and exlixirs, train your spells, and vanquish your enemy. This dark time of war offers no solace. Do not leave your treasures and weapons lying idle when your castle needs you. Your lands are wide and bountiful, and your power is mighty and strong. With keen foresight and sharp strategy, defeat your warlike neighbors and remind them who is in power.

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Genre:  Strategy