Masters Of Mystery - Crime Of Fashion
System Requirements
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  • Windows XP / Windows 10
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Masters Of Mystery - Crime Of Fashion 

Search for hidden objects and solve a mysterious murder in Masters of Mystery - Crime of Fashion. When a famous fashion designer is murdered, the high-stakes world of New York fashion is turned upside-down. Join Detective Carrie Chase on her thrilling search for a serial killer with an eye for design and a thirst for murder! Explore stunning scenes on your hunt for more than 500 cleverly hidden objects. Use interactive forensic tools to solve cunning puzzles, investigate with original mini-games, and uncover the horrifying truth behind this crime of fashion. An exciting mystery for hidden object sleuths, Masters of Mystery - Crime of Fashion features incredible graphics, brain-bending challenges, and unique hidden object fun. Crack this crime of fashion and become a Master of Mystery today.

  • Over 25 Stunning Levels
  • Hundreds of Unique Objects to Find
  • Engaging Mini-Games and Puzzles
  • Interactive Forensic Tools
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Reviews of Masters Of Mystery - Crime Of Fashion
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
This game, in my opinion, is NOT kid friendly. Rude boss to begin with. I am finding more and more games on Gamehouse re-enforcing the images of habit forming drugs. Beer, cigarettes, wine etc. Why is it important to brain wash our minds with these images? Are there not enough other "images" in this world for us to find in these games? Why do the creators of these game shove these images at us over and over again in almost every game available on Gamehouse? Are the alcohol and tabacco industries financial backers to Gamehouse website? Are the creators of these games proud of the work they have created? Are you aware of how many children drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes? Do you want your children and grandchildren, little brothers and sisters so desensitized to these images that partaking of them will seem as appropriate and acceptable as smiling or walking and talking?? This would have been a great game for kids and adults if it were more wholesome.
 | Added on: December 8, 2009
Must start by saying this game is not for kids since it involves solving crimes. I just did the one hour free trial on this and on the fence as to where or not I'm purchasing the game as I would kinda like to see how it ends. While I thought this was interesting as you have to solve a crime and YOU get to be very involved as far as analyzing things like blood samples and finger prints which I thought was pretty neat along with solving puzzles and for the most part things are pretty easy to find, some were almost impossible even with the hint feature as mentioned: it shines a big ole circle. Sometimes I found it helpful, sometimes not. I also didn't care for the way it would take a picture of the item found and it would stay up there for a bit and sometimes keep from finding other others especially if you are doing the time mode. I also couldn't stand her demeaning boss. So in my opinion it was pretty good play for the hour but as far as continuing the game I haven't made up my mind yet. I give this three stars overall. I do think it's worth an hour of play.
 | Added on: January 20, 2010
A CSI-type HO games with intriguing story ... using technical tools, a lab and meeting great characters. While finding objects, some not too easy, within very messy scenes, learn more more of the story. This game is timed, but you should complete each list before it expires. Also, included are some interesting mini-games, mixed into an ever developing story. This game would be adult in nature and maybe older kids, your choice. Replay of this game would be the exact same as the first time. Overall, this story was in line with the objects list and progressed well to the end.
 | Added on: August 31, 2009
I was really disappointed with this game. While the graphics are great, maybe even fantastic, that isall that the game has going for it. Objects are often hard to find. Not 'challenging' but hard. Challenging means 'hidden well' but in this game you often have very small objects to find among other nearly identical small objects. The hint system is not much help. Click the hint button, and a large circle is drawn on the screen. Your object is within that circle. Maybe. Sometimes it seems to think objects are there when they're not - you've already clicked on them. And a big circle is no help for small objects. When you do find an item, a 'photograph' of it is displayed in the middle of the screen, large enough that you can see very little of the room around it and long enough that you have to wait for it to be gone before you can begin searching again. This is a pet peeve of mine: animations should never, never slow down game play. What is cool once is boring after ten times, annoying after twenty. Makers should include something in options to speed up or disable routine animations. I was displeased with the storyline. Young female detective is bullied and badgered by older male officer. Yuck.
 | Added on: August 31, 2009
excellent game!
 | Added on: August 31, 2009
I'm not normally a fan of HO games, but this one is fantastic. I loved the story line and the fact you can collect things to use to solve some of the scenes. The items are all related to the scene itself, which is a pleasant change from some of the stupid things most HO games have you look for in ridiculous places. We finished it in one night, but it was totally worth the download.
 | Added on: September 18, 2009
While the story line was pretty intricate and twisting, it does suffer from flaws, as mentioned by another review. The objects can be altogether invisible, and the hint system while unlimited is less than helpful sometimes- the area being too large and often off the mark, and the object needing finding can be miniscule- and you dont always know when you need the magnifying glass. It also has the habit of making things near the edge of the frame disappear when you use it. I don't care for timed hidden object games to begin with and making them require painstaking work is additionally annoying. The fingerprint mini-game is almost impossibly hard, you have to match an almost nondescript fingerprint to one of about about a dozen and you only have about 3 seconds to do it. The themes, content and the game play all put this off limits to children as well. Using different objects to find things with was an interesting idea, if time consuming. There are occasional occurrences of odd names for objects, probably just a dialect difference tho. While the objects do more or less fit the scenes most of the time, I was disappointed that the items you find at crime scenes arent all actually "clues", because when I ran out of time and had to repeat a scene, I had a completely different list to find, save 1. (I never did see the last item, even with using the hint 3 times, and clicking repeatedly, there was nothing in the hint area.) Many objects repeat over and over but apparently have no bearing on the story. It was also odd that the original crime scene (car wreck) was left absolutely intact several days later to go and sort through for more clues, multiple times. So the mystery itself isn't bad, if you don't mind the cliched male chauvinist sergeant, but the game play itself can be frustrating unless you really like a HARD challenge.
 | Added on: October 5, 2012
I quit this game after playing for about 10 minutes - the objects are so tiny and hard to find. I tried to give it a chance because the game seems like it would be really interesting and fun but I was using a hint (which are almost worthless) quite often. Too bad...
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