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Mall-A-Palooza Stats
  • Design malls for hungry shoppers in this rewarding Time Management simulation.
  • Build, sell, demolish, and improve eight colorful locations.
  • Construct and upgrade stores, hire employees, and plan special events.
  • Overcome circumstances such as broken products, theft and heavy litter.
  • Conquer multiple objectives and unlock special untimed modes.

Game Description

Get customers to shop until they drop when you turn empty buildings into bustling shopping centers with Mall-A-Palooza!

A terrific business opportunity comes your way in the form of a large renovated mall space. Unfortunately, the shopping center currently sits completely empty, but with your superior mall design skills, the place will be jumping with the right mix of stores ready to lure in waiting customers. Success won't come easy however, as products break, thefts occur, and litter begins to level the shopping landscape. Once you prove your ability to turn that empty space into a shopping Mecca, you will be rewarded with fantastic opportunities to design bigger and better malls!

Start your journey in a small town and work your way to seven other colorful locations in need of your touch. Restore the Fire Station, clean up the Coconut Tree and cater to the eclectic crowds of Bauhaus. Construct and upgrade stores, hire employees, build theaters, and plan special events. With more than 30 enticing levels, multiple objectives, untimed sandbox modes, and a host of mall improvements to use, running the shopping bliss is all in your hands!

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