Mahjong World
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 10
  • 500 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 24 MB Ram
  • Uninstall instructions
Award Value: 3 Stamps
Tags:  tile Games
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Mahjong World 

A whole new world of Mahjong has begun! Mahjong World Deluxe lets you play with people from across the globe. Compete for the highest scores, fastest times, or just relax and play this enchanting Mahjong game at your own pace. There are small layouts for when you need that quick Mahjong fix, or huge layouts for when you have a lot of time on your hands!

  • compete with mahjong players from all over the world
  • 500+ tile layouts
  • collect a mystical set of bronze, silver and gold mahjong tiles
  • online scoreboard
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Reviews of Mahjong World
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
Many levels of play to chose from. Challenging to easy, whatever you feel like at the time.
 | Added on: February 1, 2010
I play the game for fun and relaxation. A faullt of the game is to be reminded how the great players of the world are doing after each game. I do not hope to achieve this status nor am I interested but I would find value in knowing my own scores to determine my improvement. It is a great game and will keep you occupied for hours. It is close enough to the old standard to keep you interested but with a new twist. It left me coming back and wanting too.
 | Added on: October 9, 2009
I found four BIG pluses in Mahjong World : + I was very impressed that there MORE than 500 layouts. + The different layouts can be easily accessed by a rolling bar that shows the list of titles. + The screen images are good and crisp so they don’t strain the eyes. + It is easy to see which layer can is available for play, because the usable layer is highlighted. Two changes I would like to see: • First, there was only one “modern” tile set. The traditional tiles are nice, but they fall into a similar color and pattern range. I would like more than one “modern” set with that is half-way between the simple colors of traditional tiles and the gaudy, abstract patterns of the one “modern” tile set that was offered. I think more kids would be drawn to this Mahjong game if there was more than one "modern" pattern. The same is true for adults who did not grow up with Mahjong in their house - modern patterns would break the ice and be less threatening; this would encourage them to try the game. • Second, I did NOT want to see the ranking system after every game. Competitive players should be able – at will – to check the scores, times, and how they rank against Mahjong players from around the world. For the competitive player, seeing the scores is a great feature. If you like to compete – and you want to know how you rate in world standings - then THIS is the Mahjong game for you. For the relaxed player – like myself – I only want to play against myself; I don’t want to be constantly reminded that this game is a race! If you play Mahjong to unwind and relax, then you have to decide if it would bother you to see the world scores flashed after every game. I see no reason that Mahjong World can’t suit both types of players. I think the option panel should give a choice to the player to have the ranking system turned on or off. Or, a single button can be placed unobtrusively in the corner of the screen that the competitive user can click to see the rankings. If I could choose to have the scores on or off; I would always leave them off. If that option was available, I would give the game five stars. Even though the constant score-boards annoy me and Mahjong World could use more choices of tile sets, I think this game still deserves FOUR stars.
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