Mahjong Secrets
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8
  • 1.4 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Mahjong Secrets 

Mahjong Secrets Deluxe is a mahjong game unlike any other! A princess discovers that she has a twin sister. Where is she and why haven't her parents told her? Help her find her lost sibling, and unravel more royal mysteries along the way. Match tiles and solve puzzles, and uncover an incredible story. Play Mahjong Secrets Deluxe now!

  • play more than 100 different mahjong layouts
  • enjoy unique hidden object scenes in-between mahjong levels
  • follow the map through the land and meet friendly characters with clues
  • discover an extra game mode with unlimited mahjong fun
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Reviews of Mahjong Secrets
 | Added on: July 12, 2013
Well Playrix a new dimension has been developed that I haven't seen before. Thank you. The game has Mahjong, story and hidden object. The hidden object scenes are quite out of the ordinary. There is a picture icon list that does show the name of the item when mousing over the icon. The icon is dragged over to an associated item in the hidden object scene. I would not have gotten an association with a rifle and a chicken without a hint. I did get the association of the fire with a red pepper though. Fortunately the hint button recharge doesn't take too long. The Mahjong tiles change location but so far the pictures remain the same. They are more scattered across the screen rather than stacked. This is somewhat boringly repetitive and leaves no anticipation if you are going to pick the right tile to get to another tile that you need for a match. One of the scenes near the beginning of the game was missing a tile as there was only one tile left at the end of the set. Another had 2 tiles left with one on top of the other. The only way to get out was to skip these puzzles. There is also some kind glitch with placing items obtained through 3 or so Mahjong sets into the stories' picture scene. Trying to use the water to put out the barbeque was not correct and left the inventory box with a message instead of the items. Clicking here and there I got the items back. The flowers went next to the woman on the balcony and the water was for the flowers.
 | Added on: September 18, 2013
Firt off, keep in mind this was _developed_ by Joybits, not Playrix, just Playrix _published_ it for some unknown and poorly thought out reason. It's just a cheap excuse for another game. I love mahjong but this one is completely boring. Always the same tiles, and they aren't in real mahjong-style layouts, usually no more than 3 high, so its just boring repetitive clicking to get them cleared. I stopped because I was bored and then tried again another day, still getting bored, and groaned at the lame wannabe english in the dialog ("where came from the bear?" and other engrish funnies). The scenes where you place the items you find aren't bad, but I began to notice, hey wait, I have seen this scene before, and not just similar but exact- looked it up and sure enough, a number of the scenes are reused from "The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen". When I saw how desperate they were to just throw out something for money, I decided if it wasn't worth their time to make a new game, it wasn't worth my time to play either. However if you don't mind being bored by mahjong suited for a 3-5 year old, and the repetitive story (butchered by poor english) coming eventually between these boring rounds of mahjong, then hey, you might like it. The background scenes are pretty, but they were pretty when they were used for the other game too.
 | Added on: July 25, 2013
This irritated me after only 10 minutes of play. I didn't see any reference to it being from Playrix once I was up and running. It is a mahjong game in principle, but there are hidden object 'puzzles' within it too. It doesn't have the quality feel of other playrix titles in my game index. The tiles are very simplistic and there are multiple pairs of them, making the game easy on one hand, but tedious on the other. If you get stuck, in relaxed mode there are unlimited reshuffles. You can also skip puzzles after a certain amount of time. It is not always easy to see where you need to click to continue. I'm glad I did not buy this, I would have been very disappointed. Sorry I can't offer anything more positive than it's quick to install, load and run. It's a thumbs down from me.
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