Magic Farm 

 Magic Farm
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Magic Farm Stats
  • Unlimited Play
  • Wide Range of Colorful Plants to Grow and Sell
  • Helpful Friends and Pesky Pests
  • Captivating Storyline
  • Colorful Full-Screen Graphics

Game Description

Grow and sell magical plants in this colorful adventure that's full of fast fun. Iris, studying at the Fairyland Floral Academy, receives and urgent letter from home. Her parents, on a search for the fabled Flower of Youth, have disappeared without a trace! Help Iris earn enough money to search for her beloved parents by growing and selling a wide variety of enchanted flowers and charmed bouquets. Then exchange your earnings with a diverse cast of characters who will help Iris on her quest. A captivating journey through a wonderful land of fairies, foes, and helpful little dragons, Magic Farm is blooming with family fun.