Magic Cauldron Chaos 

 Magic Cauldron Chaos
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Magic Cauldron Chaos Stats
  • Build the right structures to produce the right ingredients for potions.
  • Direct the gnomes from supplies to cauldrons to create the right potions before time runs out.
  • Cast powerful spells to assist gnomes or impede imps.
  • Visit 5 different islands and play 15 levels on each.
  • Collect gems and coins to purchase tools and upgrades to create more valuable potions.

Game Description

Restore the magic potion franchise to the gnomes. In return, the gnomes will be your ally in finding the missing pieces of the artifact that will send you home again in Magic Cauldron Chaos, a curious and captivating time management game.

As Lisa the inventive witch, you are sucked through a portal to a strange land of floating islands inhabited by magical gnomes and mischievous imps. The imps have been stealing the supplies disrupting the gnomes' peaceful potion business, and now you must help them regain control. The gnomes know of a magical artifact that can get you back home, but first you must find all 5 pieces and put them together.

Make potions, defend supplies from thieving imps, and manage resources strategically when you try the free trial version of Magic Cauldron Chaos or download the full-unlimited version today!