System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows ME / Windows XP / Windows 8
  • 300 MHz Pentium 2 or equivalent
  • 128 MB Ram
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Note: This game doesn't have an optimal playing experience on Windows 10.
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Luxor is an action-puzzle game that takes you on a thrilling adventure across the lands of Ancient Egypt. The mysterious goddess, Isis, has enlisted you to battle Set and his evil minions. You must use your mystical winged scarab to shoot magical spheres and destroy the approaching colored spheres by making matches of three or more. Stop them all before they can reach the pyramids... or all of Egypt is doomed!

  • Loads of Challenging Levels
  • Exciting and Unique Game Play
  • Unique Power-Ups
  • In-Game Help
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Reviews of Luxor
 | Added on: July 26, 2014
I really love this game! For me it's like a strategy game.Thank you so much for the one who publish this game!!!
 | Added on: March 18, 2011
The game is fun and keeps you playing because it gets a little harder with each level. Once you start, it is hard to stop.
 | Added on: May 5, 2009
If you haven't tried Luxor or one of the sequels, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. This is one of those classic games that you can play and enjoy time and time again. The game involves shooting colored balls at a moving line of balls. When you get three of the same color in a row, the balls explode. You need to destroy the line of moving balls before they get to the pyramid. The colors, sounds and visual effects make this game exciting. The variation of levels provides good replay value. Once you try it you'll be hooked!
 | Added on: July 15, 2010
The game play here is pretty similiar to Zuma if you have ever played it. If not, the object of this game is to use the scarab as that's what it's called in this game at the bottom and move it left or right, the direction that is needed to shoot the balls matching three or more to clear them. There is also what's called Ankhs that are falling down to collect as if you collect 30 of those will add a life. Other power ups to help you along in the game are gems and symbols as that will help destroy balls or make the balls go in reverse or even slow them down to almost a complete stop if you are getting close to the pyramid as you don't want the balls going into the pyramid or you have to start that level over again. Challenge in my opinion depends on the player. If you play this a lot may not be very challenging but if you haven't it can be or in my case a little rusty as I haven't played Zuma for awhile which I mentioned is very similiar to this game so I had to redo a couple of levels as the balls snuck up on me pretty quick cause just when you think you've cleared them, more balls will come. LOL! What a fun and addicting game for both kids and adults. Nothing really hard here, just lots of fun if you like this sort of game which I do every now and then. Thanks GameHouse for yet another great game.
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