LUXOR Evolved 

 LUXOR Evolved
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LUXOR Evolved Stats
  • Flash back to when arcades were king in this re-imagined Match 3 challenge.
  • Play 65 spectacular levels with retro-styled graphics and soundtracks.
  • Upgrade your shooter with three super additions and use 21 fantastic power-ups.
  • Enjoy four different modes featuring unlockable secret and bonus levels.
  • Earn more than 30 spectacular achievements.

Game Description

Step into a time warp and experience LUXOR like never before in LUXOR Evolved, a commanding new vision for the #1 marble shooting game.

LUXOR takes you back to the 80's with a retro-styled version of the classic Match 3 shooting gameplay. The blips, the beeps, the dazzling vector graphics are all displayed in full and updated glory as you wield your mystical winged shooter to stop chains of multi-colored spheres from reaching the pyramids.

Play 65 spectacular levels of marble-shooting madness where the chains are faster, the power-ups more awesome, and the shooters more stealthy. Use 21 fantastic power-ups, upgrade your shooter with three super additions, and earn 33 spectacular achievements. With four fabulous playing modes, seven interactive soundtracks, and unlockable secret & bonus levels, this LUXOR is unlike any you've seen before.
Genre:  ActionMatch 3