Love & Death™ - Bitten™ 

 Love & Death™ - Bitten™
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Love & Death™ - Bitten™ Stats
  • Enjoy dual roles in this Hidden Object romance to lift a curse.
  • Play a fiery villager by day and an entrancing vampire by night.
  • Scour 30 locations across a small town, nearby forest, and castle.
  • Solve devious puzzles to unlock secret passages.
  • Can a love overcome death?

Game Description

Embrace the epic romance of two lost souls and put an end to an unforgiving curse in Love & Death™ - Bitten™.

Damon is a handsome lad imprisoned and cursed by an evil vampire queen. Her will is his duty for eternity, until the day he meets Victoria. With her fiery spirit, the young lady is determined to save her village and rid the threat, but soon is entranced by the nightwalker. Together, they devise a plan to combine their causes, but with the queen's relentless malevolence, their partnership, and growing feelings for each other, are soon put in jeopardy.

Play Victoria by day and Damon by Night as they both collect and combine hidden objects to end their dire circumstances. Scour 30 locations across the small town, the nearby forest, and the queen's castle, solving devious puzzles and unlocking secret passages. Fate has brought both of them together, but will their quest end in love, or in death?

Critics describe Love & Death™ - Bitten™ as "gorgeous" and with "great puzzles". Experience it for yourself when you try the free trial version of Love & Death™ - Bitten™ or download the full version today!