Lost Secrets - November 1963 

 Lost Secrets - November 1963
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Lost Secrets - November 1963 Stats
  • Investigate events of President Kennedy's assassination in this Hidden Object search.
  • Visit Dealy Plaza and the Oval Office to discover answers.
  • Find the connection between the tragic event and a woman suffering from visions.
  • Locate important items and clues to discover facts.
  • Solve dozens of puzzles to uncover the truth.

Game Description

Uncover events of a fateful day to learn about mysterious ties in Lost Secrets - November 1963, an intriguing search for answers.

Lainey is haunted by the same dreams her mother had but was unable to resolve before her death. They center on a pink teddy bear lost during the chaos that ensued shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. Yearning to cure her condition, she travels to Dealey Plaza to discover what ties her to murder. It becomes clear that someone is steering her towards a specific goal, but whom or what guides her hand?

Find out as you follow Lainey on her search for answers. Travel to locations surrounding that fateful event in November 1963 and locate important clues. Visit Dealy Plaza, the Book Repository, and even the Oval Office as you solve puzzles and uncover the truth about her connection.

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Genre:  Hidden Object