Lost Secrets 3 - November 1963
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Lost Secrets 3 - November 1963 

Uncover events of a fateful day to learn about mysterious ties in Lost Secrets - November 1963 Deluxe, an intriguing search for answers. Lainey is haunted by dreams her mother had. They center on a pink teddy bear lost during the chaos that ensued shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. She travels to Dealey Plaza to discover what ties her to the murder.

  • investigate events of President Kennedy's assassination in this hidden object search
  • visit Dealy Plaza and the Oval Office to discover answers
  • find the connection between the tragic event and a woman suffering from visions
  • locate important items and solve puzzles to discover facts
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Reviews of Lost Secrets 3 - November 1963
 | Added on: January 21, 2013
Glad I didn't purchase full game and just tried it. Very slow game, gave up after 20 minutes. Good graphics though
 | Added on: April 15, 2013
I played this game,despite the 3 star rating and found I really liked it and think it deserved a higher rating !! When I played it,it was sort of short,but it was a captivating subject...HOS are somewhat easy,mini games were a bit more challenging than the HOS,but not much,hint is very helpful,interactive map is good,except when in a "dream sequence",then it is useless,but you dont have far to travel in the "dreams" so it was OK,voices were not to bad,but the best part to me is the history lessons throughout the game,I liked that and think it would be great for youth to play and get a little "teach" while having fun !! So to sum it all up,not a bad game at all,try it out and see for yourself !! as always HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE !!!
 | Added on: January 22, 2013
Too much 'story' to even start the game of hidden objects, you bounce around to much to try to get a clue, the history part is good though. If the developers cut down on 'story' and let you get down to playing the game it could be worth it; deleted after 15 minutes.
 | Added on: January 19, 2013
Absolutely LOVED this game! Been a long time since I have completed a HOG from Gamehouse all in one sitting but this game did it for me. =) The graphics were great, not too much dialogue, and the hint button charged fast and also shows you where to go if you aren't sure on the next step. My only complaints are 2.....first, is it was way too short, it could have gone on for awhile second, some of the details in the game are not real life, like there is not a lake behind the grassy knoll in Dallas (I live here and have been to the museum several times) =) One thing I was really impressed with was once inside Oswald's house (which is very much like his real one--i've seen it) there is a tv that is playing JFK news reels and it never repeated--I watched for at least a couple of minutes. I am excited to recommend this game, I would say suitable for the kid who is learning about JFK and what happened. Hope Gamehouse comes out with another like this one....kudos =)
 | Added on: January 22, 2013
Having been a teen at the time of JFK's death, I found this game interesting as far as the locations, plaques, etc. There really wasn't much of the actual history included, which is a bit of a shame for the younger generation. I really liked the map feature. I don't like spending a lot of time walking around to get from one scene to another when I know where I need to go. The puzzles were not too hard and the hidden object scenes were just about right as far as difficulty. I was very surprised when the game ended so soon. I was really expecting more.
 | Added on: January 23, 2013
I liked this game, wasn't sure at first but then after i continued to play it i really got into it. Great graphics and if you actually pay attention to the story line its enough to keep you playing till you beat the game. I would recommend it to anyone who loves these types of games:)
 | Added on: January 22, 2013
The game was well done: Good graphics; interesting mini-games; nice 1960s atmosphere. The interactive map eliminated most of the back-and-forth actions that are annoying in other HOGs. The only negative I have with the game is that it was way too short. The story line, while a bit illogical, did follow along at a good pace. Then, suddenly, the game was over. The abruptness was very disappointing. The bottom line: An interesting concept with a lot of potential, most of which, unfortunately, was not met.
 | Added on: January 31, 2013
I almost stopped playing this game after about 45 minutes. Then I read the reviews and figured I couldn't have too much more to go, which proved to be true. I did enjoy the early 60s atmosphere. I was 19 when Kennedy was shot, and I had just seen him in person a few months before when he visited by home town, so I remember the assassination very well. The game developers did not seem to make an effort toward historical accuracy, and I found the story line itself somewhat boring. That said, however, there were some good things as well. The graphics were very clear, and no attempt was made to really hide any of the hidden objects, so the HO scenes were very easy. Some of the puzzles were a bit more difficult but nothing that time and patience couldn't solve. The map was a real help, as there was a lot of bouncing around. While in dream mode the map was of no use, but the hint button was useful in those situations. In summary, this was a mostly enjoyable game, easily finished in one session.
 | Added on: January 23, 2013
Having lived through this era, this brought back some very sad times. This game had some fantastic sound effects. When it rained, it really sounded like it was raining outside your own window. Although this was an adventure game, the HO scenes looked like old-time HO. Bright and clear without a lot of camouflage. There were two stages, real and dreamlike. The map only worked in real time but your hint button got you to where you needed to be. The only negative thing I have to say is that it had an abrupt ending which made you feel the game was too short. Hope you enjoy!
 | Added on: January 25, 2013
I did love the graphics but the game was way too short.
 | Added on: January 22, 2013
I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. It was so boring that I was falling asleep and finally quit after 30 minutes. Good for people with insomnia but that's about it.
 | Added on: January 19, 2013
I gave it as much a chance that I could but I found it boring. Well, boring as in slow. Mini games were ok. But the game was frustrating as it was slow. I did like the history bits that it gave you. That is all. No more than that.
 | Added on: January 19, 2013
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