Lost in Reefs 2 

 Lost in Reefs 2
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Lost in Reefs 2 Stats
  • Choose from three different gameplay modes: Swap, Chain, and Group.
  • Play in different field shapes for a different level of challenge: Square and Hexagon.
  • Enjoy endless amounts of fun with more than 400 levels of play.
  • Restore the ancient city of dragons and human, rebuilding its structures to reveal its secret.

Game Description

Restore the city where dragons and humans once harmoniously coexisted. The pieces reveal themselves under the waves in Lost in Reefs 2, an addictive match 3 game with unique mechanics and beautifully handmade graphics. The shape of the playing field adds to the challenge, while three different gameplay modes offer new options for clearing the field.

Many moons ago, a beautiful, magical city existed where dragons and humans were allies. In time, the forces of nature overcame the city, washing it down to the depths of the ocean and hiding it beneath the waves. Ancient manuscripts have been discovered that tell of the magnificent city, and archeologists are diving deep to recover the remains. Make matches with swaps, chains, and groups to clear the playing field. Use a variety of tools and power-ups gained with your keen match-3 skills. Collect coins and points to build city structures and reveal the city's secret.

Experience this beautiful, unique, and deep match 3 challenge when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Lost in Reefs 2 today!
Genre:  Match 3