Lost City of Aquatica 

 Lost City of Aquatica
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Lost City of Aquatica Stats
  • 90 levels of addictive match-3 fun
  • Seven helpful power-ups
  • 16 different buildings to construct
  • 15 upgrades for your buildings
  • Colorful full-screen graphics

Game Description

Dive in to 90 levels of match-3 fun beneath the waves in Lost City of Aquatica. An ordinary dive on a relaxing vacation turns into an adventure of puzzling fun when John encounters a magical civilization at the bottom of the sea. Help the Sniffs rebuild their glorious city by solving a series of match-3 puzzles, constructing a variety of buildings, and managing vital resources. Each level in this original game is a colorful challenge that will reveal surprising and whimsical details about your new friends. Featuring helpful power-ups, unique building upgrades, and hours of match-3 puzzling, Lost City of Aquatica is full of addictive fun. This fantastic game is now available in both free trial and full unlimited versions. Play Lost City of Aquatica and discover things you never dreamed of in a watery wonderland.
Genre:  Match 3