Living Legends - Frozen Beauty Platinum Edition 

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Living Legends - Frozen Beauty Platinum Edition Stats
  • Save your naïve little sister from the curse of Ice Queen.
  • Find hidden items and use some of them to help you with the challenges.
  • Unlock bonus gameplay to uncover the Gnome's Labyrinth Mystery.
  • Enjoy a bounty of extras including wallpaper, screensavers, concept art, a video gallery, and original music.

Game Description

Your little sister has been seduced by the cruel Ice Queen and you are left with a cold trail to follow. Can you save her before it's too late? You must persevere through difficult trials in Living Legends – Frozen Beauty Platinum Edition, another riveting hidden object adventure in the amazing Living Legends series of games.

Explore the frigid landscape and piece together objects that move you closer to your little sister. You've always taken care of her and kept her from harm's way, but this time you couldn't stop her foolish choice. No matter how many threatening visits you receive from the Ice Queen herself, you must courageously uncover hidden objects and solve a variety of puzzles.

Experience the thrill for yourself when you try the free trial version of Living Legends – Frozen Beauty Platinum Edition or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Hidden Object