Little Shop 6 - World Traveler
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  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Little Shop 6 - World Traveler 

Pack your bags and get set to travel the world in search of amazing items in the all-new Little Shop - World Traveler, the sixth adventure in the exciting hidden object series that critics call "a blast to play" and "difficult to put down". In this new escapade, you have been persuaded out of retirement by a mysterious person with an offer you just can’t refuse: Travel around the world and find one-of-a-kind souvenirs for a collection. With a sharp eye for the unique, you’re off to visit amazing locations like Tahiti, Australia and Morocco! Visit vibrant and exotic destinations to find these carefully hidden items. Get help from power-ups including flash cameras and new level-specific items such as a helpful platypus in Australia. Together with the manic Blitz mode, the "Shake It" bonus rounds and of course, collectible trophies, this will be the biggest Little Shop adventure yet! Play the free trial version or the full version of Little Shop – World Traveler today and experience a global shopping spree that you'll remember forever!

  • Hours of Hidden Object fun
  • Exotic locations around the world
  • New "Shake It!" bonus round
  • Little Shop: World Traveler
  • Preview Video
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Reviews of Little Shop 6 - World Traveler
 | Added on: March 31, 2011
This is my second Little Shop purchase and I enjoy it as much as the first one! Love the scenes and love the game!!!
 | Added on: May 26, 2010
Like the earlier Little Shop games, World Traveler is very well made. It runs smoothly on my older Mac and offers sharp, colorful graphics. Objects may be hard to find, but once you spot them, they are clearly identifiable (unlike many other hidden object games, where the objects can be blurry, pixellated, and distorted). The Little Shop games are the gold standard here. That said, I did not enjoy this game as much as others in the series. I found the 'shake the box' puzzles annoying - they didn't really offer any kind of break from the primary hidden object scenes, and sometimes it took an inordinate amount of shaking to reveal the needed items. The physics were completely unrealistic. The story line, revealed through a series of phone messages, was amusing but trivial. Finally, in the hidden object scenes themselves, I was a bit overwhelmed by number of 'specials' - suitcases, question marks, exclamation marks, stamps, cameras, and thermometers. For a compulsive player like myself (and that's what hidden object games are all about, isn't it?), it was almost too much to keep track of. Overall, a fine game: highly recommended, with only minor reservations.
 | Added on: February 24, 2012
Unfortunately, the only bad thing that I can say about this game is that it's the same as the others in the series. Other than that, I absolutely love this series! This game could've done without the "Shake" minigames and stuck with their usual minigames. The graphics are great! There are a couple of trophies that I miss that were a part of the other games in this series but they are replaced by more interesting achievements. The average to expert H.O.G. player should have no problems with finding the items within the alloted time but I subtract a star because it does seem a bit difficult to find the stamps. The question marks are easier to find in this series as well. Overall, I am glad that I spent my free credit on this game!
 | Added on: March 17, 2012
First off I say mislabelled, as this is way more time management than hidden object, therefor should be labelled TM instead of HOG. The biggest complaint I have. and I absolutely hate is they force you to play with very little time. Most of the objects were hard to find, so it's impossible for me to get past the first level, as its impossible to find 10 hard to find objects in very little time. If your going to make a hidden object game with items that are hard to find, OK, but DON'T FORCE ME TO PLAY WITH A VERY, VERY, VERY STUPID TIMER. THIS IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Some people actually gave this 5 stars, but it's impossible for me to get past the first scene becuase of the stupid time limit, so I'M DELETING THIS, NO WAY I CAN GIVE SOMETHING I HATE 5 STARS EVEN IF OTHERS THINK ITS WORTH THAT. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK TO HAVE AN UNTIMED OPTION????? IS IT???????
 | Added on: September 11, 2009
I have all the Little Shop games and was really looking forward to the release of this one, especially because of all the hype about it. But I have to say I was very disappointed in the game. There are too many extra things that you have to find i.e. Thermometers, Cameras, Suitcases, Question Marks, Suitcases, Stamps, and Exclamation Marks, that you barely have time to look for other things. As well some things are very tiny and difficult to find. The games at the end of every 3 third level are boring also and I found the music annoying. The only good thing I can say is that the graphics and colours are great! Definately not a game I will be purchasing.
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
All the Little Shop hidden object games are great including this World Traveler. I have read the reviews and some were not all accurate. Yes, this game is much like the others, yes it does have hints to find plus alittle bit more which makes it that more exciting to try to find the items within the time allowed. Especially if you like playing with the timed mode. It's up to you to pick which mode; timed or relaxed. You also need to play the BLITZ games because it lets you try to beat your previous time. Those were fun also. I will say the only Disappointing thing I didn't like was the storyline with the brother. Was it really her brother or what? They could have been more clear here or at least have her respond to voicemails. Overall, I great game!
 | Added on: October 18, 2010
Fun to play without pressure. Graphics are always great with this series/
 | Added on: May 20, 2010
I enjoy all the Little Shop games out so far. The shake it mini is fun and different than most other mini games on other hidden object games. I wish they would make new ones more often.
 | Added on: October 7, 2009
I love Little Shop games, and was so looking forward to pigeons, monkeys and squirrels exploding! The way the acorns and feathers and bananas go everywhere was a riot! But instead, I have to find exploding suitcases....BORING! It would be different if they were like stuffed full and the contents went all over, but they are not. The items to collect increased too. I don't mind that, it stretches out the game, but I think the game has reached its max for that. A good game all around.
 | Added on: August 11, 2012
I've enjoyed all the Little Shop series .This one in my opinion is a bit boorish in that the tween games are too repitive. Would be nice to have different puzzles thrown at you instead of just SHAKE IT.
 | Added on: May 28, 2012
Little Shop games have wonderful graphics, that are easy on the eyes. Replay value is excellent as the objects to search for are often 'new'. I enjoy all the different ways to obtain hints and trophies (stamps, ! points, ? marks, etc.). The only thing I would have liked were more mini-games besides shake it. The shake it mini-game was very easy, but it provided a break from my intense search for objects. The entire set of Little Shop games get my thumbs up, as they aren't 'dark side of life' games.
 | Added on: October 1, 2009
I found it confusing getting through all of the "trips". Trying to find all of the collectibles that included question marks and exclamation points? Did not enjoy this version of Little Shop at all. Very disappointed, as was my niece, who usually plays these games as well. Deleted from my system.
 | Added on: July 29, 2010
hidden objects pretty challenging and mini games are good
 | Added on: September 15, 2009
Keep the Little Shop games coming!! This one is great, the items are well hidden! I like the little extra game also.
 | Added on: October 13, 2011
Game is fun, is a little addictive, and worth the effort.
 | Added on: July 16, 2013
Will there be more to come? Been a while but I sure hope so! I have all the others and they usually pretty much get better with each new edition. My first favorite was Road Trip but I like Memories just as much or more. I expected World Traveler to be the epitome of Little Ships. Don't get me wrong, its wonderful but Memories and Road Trip remain my favorites. Hard to say why. Still deserves 5 stars. Love some of the scenes like France and Antarctica. Really makes me hope for an entire winter wonderland extravaganza Little Shop. Maybe someday (PLEASE)! For now I am so happy to have these. There is no untimed option but there are so many hints available. Almost too many! The Shake It puzzles are pretty dull but I don't usually like the throw in puzzles. Never as enjoyable as the main HOG game. Still no real complaints. This is a fun pretty adventure through many foreign lands... just remember to pack light! ;)
 | Added on: January 6, 2011
This is just about the perfect game for Hidden Objects. Chanlleging enough not to get bored but relaxing enough not to go "nuts" ..............
 | Added on: April 12, 2010
I have played it through in less than a week I am so hooked - now have road trip...gotta go
 | Added on: November 4, 2009
I was so diappointed. The reason i LOVE little shop hidden object games was because of the bright colorful places you visit to find objects. these new places are very subdued and devoid of color. the objects are harder to find because they blend in with the blandness of the scenery. don't like it. i too loved the exploding bananas and birds, dont like the suitcases. bring back the vibrant colorful places to visit.
 | Added on: September 29, 2013
Got this as a free game of the day with ads. It's GREAT! One of the best HOGs I've played. Hint you play the scenes over as the game progressed and you don't get renewed hints, from what I can see. The cameras are great hints but you only get two per scene. So don't use them in he beginning because the items seems to get harder and harder to find as the game progresses! Love that challenge! You get rated based on the number of items you find. Quite a few scenes I've yet to get gold stars! Makes replay very good!
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