Little Folk of Faery 

 Little Folk of Faery
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Little Folk of Faery Stats
  • Lead fairy villagers to restore their world in this enchanted adventure.
  • Help them return with their pets and create a thriving village once again.
  • Repair ruins, organize banquets, plant food sources and more.
  • Be on the hunt for collectibles to evolve your magical curiosity shop.
  • Clear the air and whisk the wistful spirits away!

Game Description

Help enchanted creatures restore the harmony and balance of their magical land in Little Folk of Faery.

A young woman returns to her grandparent's village after inheriting their small curiosity shop. Expecting the store to be a little topsy-turvy, she is even more amazed when looking at the tree that grows at the back of the room. Almost immediately, a small cloud of golden dust captures her eyes, and soon she realizes a much more magical encounter. A tiny fairy asks for her help in restoring their land, and so she takes the responsibility that had come undone after the woman's grandmother unwillingly let them to their fate.

Embark on a fascinating journey to help these fairy inhabitants. Repair the ruins, organize banquets to attract lost villagers, plant food sources and bring the small realm back to life. With your help, they can thrive once again and will repay you with returning the splendor of the curiosity shop. But can you figure out what is behind the mysterious mist and wistful spirits that roam the surroundings?

Critics love the game visuals calling them "stylish", "extremely beautiful" and "distinctive". See them for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Little Folk of Faery today!
Genre:  ActionAdventure