Little Farm
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
  • Uninstall instructions
Award Value: 3 Stamps
Release Date: 

Little Farm 

Transform city slickers into real honest to goodness farmers with Little Farm Deluxe, a captivating matching challenge with a unique twist. The Normans just won a farm and are eager to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city for a calm life with clear blue skies and lush green meadows. Their dream is short-lived however, when they realize that there's more to this than meets the eye.

  • help the Normans build up their new farm in this fun matching challenge
  • match patches of veggies to water plump pumpkins, excellent eggplants and more
  • earn money to purchase farm equipment, new seeds, and build up the house
  • battle pesky insects, play entertaining mini-games, and earn power-ups
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Reviews of Little Farm
 | Added on: September 14, 2011
Creating a "box" threw me at first. However, once you get the idea that it isn't a 3 match, you move right along. The problem is that there aren't enough variances to keep you from getting bored. On the flip side, there are too many irritants (bugs galore). After playing it for awhile, I thought it might have been intended for kids. However, I can't picture this game holding their attention for long. To be fair, I played it for a long time. So it does catch the competitive spirit. It just becomes boring, and I couldn't finish it.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
I really liked the match 4 box concept once I got the hang of it. Looking back at other match 3 games that I had played, I found it a bummer that I couldn't do them with the match 4 concept. It would be nice to have another game with this concept but skip all the overwhelming bugs & other obstacles.
 | Added on: September 6, 2011
This game has a timer with no way to turn it off. I write this for the benefit of others who won't play under the pressure of a timer.
 | Added on: September 8, 2011
Other reviewers did a good job of describing how the game play involves using your mouse to draw a box or rectangle made of four matching corners and filling trucks with produce. There are no match 3's! I can easily see patterns in things, so I didn't find this activity too frustrating or challenging. But for those who do, after 10 seconds, four tiles start glowing to outline a box or rectangle for you to select. And that's what you do: you keep selecting boxes and rectangles. Even with the little twists to the game, it still had a numbing sameness to me. Compared to other games, the graphics were not as nice, and in some areas looked slightly out of focus. Very odd. This game might be useful in helping kids to identify spacial relationships, but I'd definitely do the free trial before purchasing to see what you think.
 | Added on: September 6, 2011
I've played much better games such as Farmscapes. For me this game is too comfusing ... to find a match in 4 corners for me is very difficult and was stressful rather than relaxing. I hated this game but did not despise it which is why I gave this game 2 stars instead of one. I played this game with FunPass and deleted it after I got too frustrated with it. I don't recommend this game unless you enjoy getting a headache.
 | Added on: September 6, 2011
They call this a Match 3, but it really isn't. You have to box up fruits and vegetables in the garden in square or rectangular form, so you're really matching the fruits/vegetables on four corners of this shape. The idea is to enclose the most garden products for the biggest score. It's a pretty fun game when you don't want to use up too many brain cells. It has decent power ups, and that keeps the game from getting too monotonous. It kept me up too late last night so it must be somewhat addictive. The only real irritation is that bugs keep coming into the garden and you have to stop and spray them. That part isn't fun. The mini-games are kind of silly, like filling up a little sprayer of water, enough to water two plants, and do a whole garden with that. Another one is to see how many bugs you can spray, as if there isn't enough bug spraying going on in the main game. It's a timed game, and sometimes there just doesn't seem to be a play. There's no hint click, so on a few occasions I've just gone and got coffee and let the timer run out and then restarted it. It's a small file and worth a look.
 | Added on: September 6, 2011
Playing the trial version of this game it offered a chance to get to know the game a little and get you ready for the purchase of the full game based on your own unique preferences. The game has a watering can as a pointer that you have to make sure that all four corners match of the same vegetable you pick to remove. Those vegetable fill up a truck ready to haul them away. There is a time limit which is time friendly and little middle quick games that earns you more money to upgrade your farm. After winning you go to a different field and start again. There is a developement of putting up an oil rig on a completed field for extra money. It is repetitious which is great for children.
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