Legends of Solitaire - Curse of the Dragons 

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Legends of Solitaire - Curse of the Dragons Stats
  • Play 400 rounds of solitaire.
  • Choose to play the story or from the selection of mini-games.
  • Be the champion of Solitaire Kingdom.
  • Take on the challenge in three different modes: Casual, Normal, or Hard.

Game Description

Solitaire Kingdom is in jeopardy – it's the time of the dragons again. Stop the ancient curse for good in Legends of Solitaire – The Curse of the Dragons, a unique combination of a quest and card game.

Beware and play well. Collect gold to buy needed supplies and resources for the quest. Find and defeat the dragons thus lifting the curse once and for all. Gather magically enchanted companions on your travels. Together you will be victorious!

No longer let the dragons threaten peaceful Solitaire Kingdom when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Legends of Solitaire – The Curse of the Dragons today!
Genre:  Card