Legends of Atlantis - Exodus
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.2 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Legends of Atlantis - Exodus 

Save the residents of Atlantis before their kingdom is no more, in Legends of Atlantis - Exodus Deluxe, a marvelous adventure. Atlantis is facing its end of days. Massive tidal waves are sweeping away its coasts, earthquakes shake its mountains, its fields are in flames, and its cities are falling apart. The last Queen of Atlantis needs your help to save her people and hopefully, their kingdom.

  • rescue the citizens of Atlantis from nature's wrath in this time management challenge
  • play more than 50 levels across the Emerald Coast, the Iron Mountains, and more
  • clear paths, build roads, stock up on resources to help the residents escape
  • undertake special challenges including retrieving relics, chasing off enemies, and more
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Reviews of Legends of Atlantis - Exodus
 | Added on: January 24, 2016
very nice time management game with fun and very beautiful graphics BUT too many bags guys
 | Added on: May 11, 2012
If you're thinking of whether to get any of the Roads of Rome, My Kingdom for the Princess, Rescue Team edition or Legends of Atlantis, I recommend this one. It's the best thus far. The graphic is excellent and the level of user interface is above the others making it more enjoyable to play. The game is so well developed. I give it a high four stars and not a five as I think the wizard guy could have made more sense to the game. Perhaps he could talk in audio rather than having to read it. If there were some audio interaction it would have made it better and more kid friendly.
 | Added on: November 16, 2012
Nice game and if you like Roads of Rome and My Kingdom for the Princess you'll enjoy this one.
 | Added on: April 26, 2012
Really like how you have to think about things that you move before doing it as it may become a block to completing the level. Great time management game.
 | Added on: April 23, 2012
This was a really fun TM game. It was very well balanced: It was challenging but not frustrating. Learning was easy without a tutorial level. There was lots to do, but I wasn't threatened by carpal tunnel because of a bunch of clicking. I wanted to just keep playing after each level. It was hard to quit and go about the business of my day. Later in the game, reaching expert sometimes required playing a level several times using different strategies - but it was always doable eventually. I tried relaxed mode after I finished challenge mode - found it not too much fun. I will definitely be playing this game again! Under the "recommend other games" section I would have liked to add all the Roads of Rome series as well as the My Kingdom for the Princess series, but Time Management games did not show up as a categorie from which I could select recommendations. They are both really fun!
 | Added on: April 22, 2012
This an awesome game! I enjoyed playing it very much!
 | Added on: May 4, 2012
I was invited to review this game:This great TM game has lots to offer - and lots of challenges! There's much more to it than first meets the eye. Remember: Plan the work, and work the plan! Take time to read what the guide or the Queen says at the start of each stage; there will be hints as to what needs to be done and in which order. Take some time before you start to view the screen and see what needs to be restored - and what is not there as well. for example, if you dont see a well, then you need to find other sources for water (perhaps the trader at the market?). Follow the roads to see what is to be gained at each village and then move accordingly. Random acts might result in your restarting the same level. Be sure to see which is needed first the Hunter or the Watchtower. I like the option of moving to/from casual to challenge mode. I also like the special HOG screens and even the Wizard's crystal challenges - different twists to add to the fun!
 | Added on: May 1, 2012
I really loved the game. I enjoyed all of My kingdom for the princess series but I enjoyed the storyline in this game. I also liked the fact you could pre plan your clicks and if your character doesn't have to move supplies then it will go to the next click.. which is an improvement over My Kingdom for the princess where your man has to go all the way back to camp. I played it on challenge. I only had a few levels toward the end that I actually ran out of time. If you want expert then you will need to replay levels. Kids would enjoy it on relaxed mode and the story line is kid friendly.
 | Added on: April 23, 2012
I just love these types of Time Management games. However, I would have given this a 5 star rating if it wasn't for the fact that I had selected relaxed mode and all of a sudden I would get the little man telling me I didn't save Atlantis in time and I had to start the level over again. Huh?? To me relaxed mode means no time limit. Apparently that's not what I got. Deleted it. Sorry.
 | Added on: April 25, 2012
I really loved this game! Started with the one hour trial and was hooked. But I am sorry I spent my money on the full version. If you are the least bit slow and therefore prefer the "relaxed-mode", it won't help you in this game. It has a time limit also. That did not show up in the trial! Made it all the way to level 24 and can't get past it. You can replay any level to better your time, but this one has defeated me and I can go no farther. Tried over and over with all sorts of different strategies to no avail. I'm very disappointed by such a glitch, on such a great game, and the false claim of "relaxed". Had to play several levels over again to get past them, but it was far from relaxing due to time restrictions. Not everyone is speedy! Now I will be hard-pressed to trust any game that says it has a relaxed-mode again.
 | Added on: May 4, 2012
I am really enjoying this game. It is challenging even at the start of level 2. I have managed to get "expert" time on all levels until now. BUT I will get there you just have to think about how you do stuff. Really good in all aspects
 | Added on: May 2, 2012
This is one of the most challenging TM games I've played...much more so than Roads of Rome. There is very specific strategy on every level, if you want to get expert...right down to specific power ups that will get you to the expert goal. The music and graphics are spectacular and make this a very enjoyable game. I find that I can play one level at a time and not have to continue on right away...so it is very good value and replay.
 | Added on: April 27, 2012
I enjoyed this game but there were certain levels that the game became bogged down and slow, so I had to keep re-clicking objects to get the workers to move. This game is very simlar to My Kingdom for the Princess, Roads of Roam and Royal Envoy which I have purchased and enjoy.
 | Added on: April 19, 2012
Legends of Atlantis-Exodus is almost the perfect Time Management/Strategy game. All my favorite parts of Roads to Rome, My Kingdom for the Princess, Island Tribe and such games are incorporated along with the "I wish I could" in those games. You can chain chores by clicking ahead which is one of the most important choices available in a TM game. In the instructions it says to cancel right click but this did not work for me and I ran out of golden time more than once because I was not able to cancel a chore and have the worker compete a level requirement. Upgrades to your worker camp, and your other camps: lumber, well, etc., come just at the right time and aren't progressively more expensive as in some other games. I found this to be a great improvement. Water Water everywhere but you'll always need more and you'll need to get it from a well. You need water to perform almost every task so watch for those buckets hidden among trees, which yes you can chop down and use if the lumber mill isn't fast enough for you. I love this game and if you loved or even liked the games I mentioned above you will like it also. Pros: Graphics extremely well done, lots to do, choices are abundant, camps cost the same to build and upgrade. Some witty conversation between the worker and adviser is good for a few chuckles. You can play time or un timed. You will build or upgrade: Worker Camp to 3 worker Quarry Well Sawmill Crystal Mine - this is in place of gold Wall Roads Train Railway Unique in that you will play Hidden Object mini games and earn power ups. While you have i.e. the sword all the rocks you harvest will be worth 3 more and the Hunter will slay the Hydra's for 1/2 price. Other power-ups you earn through this game are very useful too. Cons: The adviser has a scooter and ever so often you have to play a level and get "magic power crystals" to power his scooter. This involves dropping colored balls onto other ones until you match a certain number with the "power" in them. I personally didn't care for this but you might not mind it. Overall, I loved the game and played way too long last night. My way of playing is to take a quick run through the game, not trying for gold on all the levels then going through and trying for gold later on. I can see that on some levels, beginning around the middle of stage 2 this will be more of a challenge. I highly recommend this game and since I have to give up my Fun Pass Membership due to financial difficulties I will buy it. I'm sure going to miss my membership and all the great games. Ila in Maine
 | Added on: May 3, 2012
There are pros & cons to this game thus a *3* rating. It has a nice story line, it is kid friendly & it has the ability for workers to achieve tasks w/out waiting for a worker to return home. However, the objects on the screen could be larger, the graphics are fairly basic...more detail could have been given to enhance each scene and the relax mode was timed...It would have been nice to play each scene of the game to gain your game playing strategy while RELAXING before challenging yourself being timed. This game is very similar to the Roads of Rome series so it really isn't that original. I like the game but not enough to use a game credit to own it. If you have never experienced playing the Roads of Rome series I highly recommend that you give them a try if you enjoy great graphics.
 | Added on: April 23, 2012
If you liked Road to Rome or any of the other games like this, then you will love this game. Once you understand the buildings then you will need to plan before you begin (highly recommend you look around before you click start). Also, take a look at the trophies before you start playing. There are three bonus levels, but you need to have all the trophies to play and they are really hard to find if you have to go back and look for them. Well, enjoy!! I certainly did.
 | Added on: April 21, 2012
Well .. this is another road building game that is pretty much the same as all the others ... VERY ENJOYABLE and FUN! This has two levels ... timed or untimed. It has two levels of your sound... SFX and MUSIC It has Fullscreen option only.. no Widescreen It has mini games along the way that are simple, quick,and do not interfere with the game; just a little break and then OFF WE GOOOO again. There are 50 levels; Two of the levels are locked. You have some goals to accomplish before you are allowed to play those levels. Personally these are some of my favorite types of games and I was sharing with my sis that we are running out of building games and time mgmt games. Ha. Thank you Gamehouse. This is a pretty cool one I think. Can't tell from only playing once through but it will be great fun to go back and get expert on each level. After getting about half way thru, I can tell if its a good laid out game and gonna be a blast or a bust! ha If you havent played ANY road building games... "try it, you might just like it!!!" Its more on the simpler side of this genre and yet it was not easy to get expert on each level when I was new to the game. Which surprised me and told me that this will be a good challenging game. Ok ..May God love you and Bless you everyday, everybody. (Hey Sissy??? I think I might beat you on this game!!! (RIGHT!!! SHE ALWAYS BEATS ME!)) P.S.Wow ... check out these favorite games below that I just picked... I seriously was not aware that they were all Roman games. Am I a Roman Girl???? Is there even Roman heritage left on the Earth?? hmmm.
 | Added on: May 4, 2012
When I first downloaded the free trial, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. Boy....was I wrong. I loved, LOVED it. I had read that even in the relaxed mode you had a time limit and I thought that was lame but....it's just part of the challenge. I will say, it took me a week of on and off playing to finally finish but....I did! It starts off pretty easy then, it starts to take off on you. Speed should be in its name somewhere. Keeps you on your toes. There is a strategy to each level, different than in the previous levels and that's half the fun. You need to figure out what bonuses to use and what order to do things in. Absolutely loved this game. I'm going to start it again, just for kicks and giggles. You really should try this one...you won't regret it!
 | Added on: September 4, 2012
The graphics and music of this game is excellent! I liked to reach the expert score in each level which gave me an opportunity to strategize a little, which was nice. Having a story makes this game quite different from similar time management games(TMG) like the Roads of Rome series, though I wasn't impressed about the people in the story, whining about the queen all the time(about wanting to save flowers and temples). It became monotonous and annoying after a while. The game becomes a bit clicky after the first few levels if not for the stratergizing the game would become boring. Other than the story, this game features very similar elements to earlier TMG's like warriors, building roads, collecting flowers or plants and upgrading resources providing buildings. Overall I liked this game. The storyline is worth playing through at least once. Stratergizing made the game more challenging!
 | Added on: May 5, 2012
Oh boy, I found it a real challenge at first, but the kind you love to have!! I thought you guys did a great job on it! Play it on relaxed first if you need time to figure it out. I'll definitely replay. Fun!
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