Legacy - World Adventure 

 Legacy - World Adventure
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Legacy - World Adventure Stats
  • Solve three distinct types of match-3 puzzles
  • Play five challenging mini-games
  • Follow a thrilling international storyline
  • Visit 30 real world locations
  • Learn hundreds of world facts

Game Description

Embark on an incredible puzzle journey in Legacy - World Adventure. Join Emily King, the descendent of a long line of adventurers, on a world-wide race to restore her family's legacy and honor her beloved father. Help Emily take the lead in the Grand Adventurers Expedition, an illustrious, and secret, contest of match-3 puzzling and geographic trivia. Solve three distinct kinds of match-3 puzzles and five different mini-games to receive cryptic clues about your next destination. Decipher the clues, get there before your opponents, and you could be the next holder of the coveted Grand Adventurer's Cup. Meet Emily, her friends, and her foes in the free demo or play the full version of Legacy - World Adventure and experience the adventure of a lifetime.
Genre:  Match 3Adventure