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Legacy - Witch Island 

 Legacy - Witch Island
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Legacy - Witch Island Stats
  • Play colorful and delightful mini-game challenges.
  • Navigate your way through the story on your own unique path.
  • Enjoy unlimited replay of the mini-games once they come up in the story.
  • Search beautifully detailed scenes of interesting objects.

Game Description

An innocent hot air balloon ride goes awry and you land on a mysterious island. Images from the past come to life and you must save your friend Peter in Legacy – Witch Island, an intriguing and curious hidden object adventure.

The mirror you inherited from your grandmother carries with it secrets from the family's past. Your dreams have been taking you to an unknown island with an ominous foreboding. And now here you are, lost but somehow familiar. You know you must solve the mystery, protect yourself, free the past, and save your friend. With the clever raccoon and other helpful characters along the way, you're sure to succeed.

Curiosity and ingenuity are your allies when you play the free trial version or download the full-version of Legacy – Witch Island today!