Leeloo's Talent Agency
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • 600 MHz Pentium or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
  • Uninstall instructions
Award Value: 1 Stamp
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Leeloo's Talent Agency 

Help a young movie fan use her talent for talent to create Hollywood superstars in Leeloo's Talent Agency Deluxe! Welcome each aspiring actor to Leeloo's office and get them ready for the big time. Each level features a stirring time management round followed by a special hidden object challenge. Find your talent in Leeloo's Talent Agency Deluxe!

  • time management and hidden object challenges
  • 70 colorful levels
  • 7 different movies to make
  • original characters
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Reviews of Leeloo's Talent Agency
 | Added on: July 27, 2010
Very original gameplay... and fun too! You play Leeloo, who runs a movie studio set. Customers come in and you get to have them read scripts for casting, photograph them, do makeup, have them read in front of the camera, and book them. In between each level, you play a short, timed hidden object session where you must find the movie props - some of which are interactive. After playing several levels of a movie set, your movie is filmed and you get to watch the clip and then that set is unlocked for a special mode. You then move on to the next movie set (totally different theme from the first & different set objects) to work on casting that one. Very cool game, well made. The hidden object scenes are challenging but not too hard. I give this game top score for original theme & being very well executed. Game is fun and addicting!
 | Added on: August 14, 2009
Maybe this is more for kids... It was cute, but not very challenging. The little film trailers at the end of each round are cute.
 | Added on: October 15, 2009
I acutally like this game quite a bit. Once I started it I wanted to finish it, but I did get bored towards to end because it is pretty repetitive. The mini-games were original and kind of fun, but some were much too simple. I did like the hidden object scenes and thought that was the most difficult part of the game. The only other thing is the game length. I finished it in a few hours and have no desire to replay it, but it was worth playing the first time.
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