League of Mermaids
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.2 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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League of Mermaids 

Play League of Mermaids Deluxe, and help a group of mermaids to keep the Kraken from destroying their underwater kingdom! The sacred treasure is missing and the mermaid cities will be destroyed if the Kraken rises. Join your friends Koh, Mishell, and others, in search of the treasure in this unique bubble game. Discover League of Mermaids Deluxe today!

  • use realistic physics to manipulate colourful pearls in the unique bubble game
  • play over 60 levels in three different chapters
  • unlock extra game modes for unlimited play
  • earn trophies and use fantastic power-ups
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Reviews of League of Mermaids
 | Added on: August 8, 2013
What a challenge! You are dropping like matching marbles and the challenge is to pick the correct sequence to complete the level quickly. Each level is more difficult than the one before it. Each new level adds more levels to remove the marbles from. These descriptions will make no sense until you play the game, but once you do you will understanding what I am describing! I have played one other game like this one but can't remember the name of if. I adored that game and this one is just as much fun. You will find this game to be hours upon hours of fun.
 | Added on: August 12, 2013
I'm afraid I can't be as enthusiastic about this game as another reviewer. If you like marble jar games, then this one is perfectly fine. It comes down to personal preference, really. This game has a thin story line, probably because the developers thought they must provide something, But really, it's just about getting the marbles in groups of three to remove them. This type of game is not my idea of a match 3. It's very repetitive with no particular point rather than to see how quickly you can clear the marbles from the jar(s). Not my cup of tea, but some will like it.
 | Added on: August 17, 2013
I quite enjoyed Atlantis - Pearls of the Deep, so when I downloaded this & found a similar format, I was initially enthusiastic. What a disappointment! Not nearly as challenging as the original and very quickly became boring. Don't waste your ticket / money on this one.
 | Added on: September 20, 2013
this game was fun and boring at the same time. the draw back was that you couldn't go to the next level unless you buy more coins to proceed. I wouldn't recommend this game.
 | Added on: August 12, 2013
I'm in my late 50's, married, have 17 children, 19 grandchildren and #20 due in October 2013. I play computer games to relax after a hectic day of running errands, cleaning our home, going to appointments with my husband, and much more. To me, League of Mermaids is just another "Jar of Marbles" wannabe game, BORING. There is nothing new or unusual about it, it has absolutely nothing to do with mermaids or undersea life, it has very similar stunts as in Jar of Marbles, just a slightly different background and NO monkey (no mermaids either). As in Jar of Marbles, you match 3 identical marbles and get rid of the marbles that contain pearls to complete each level. There's about 4 different varieties. I had to keep asking myself, "Can this game get any more boring?" Then I played the next level which answered my question ... "Yes, this game DOES get more boring" because for me, although each level gets more difficult, at the same time it gets more boring because you're stuck with the same marbles, the same objective, the same background, and very similar stunts. The designers of this game HAVE to come up with different ideas than in Jar of Marbles game to make it uniquely different in an enjoyable way. League of Mermaids does NOT meet this objective. This game would be a great game for folks suffering from insomnia. I enjoyed it somewhat, just as I enjoyed Jar of Marbles somewhat, but I refuse to throw away my money to buy this game just as I did NOT purchase Jar of Marbles game (I got ownership of Jar of Marbles game free) and only play it when I can't sleep at night. I don't need a sleep aid because the game puts me to sleep.
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