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Laby Stats
  • Capture the pure power of elemental spirits in this Match 3 journey.
  • Help an ancient alchemist uncover the secret of the Philosopher's Stone.
  • Use the gathered powers as helpful aides in your challenge.
  • Play wonderful mini-games including Hidden Object.
  • Unlock special bonuses such as Trophies, Artwork, and Music.

Game Description

Unlock the legend of the Philosopher's Stone with Laby, an enchanted matching adventure made for the entire family.

A wise and ancient alchemist needs your help to awaken the spirits of the elements. Weak and dwindling, only their power can provide the energy needed to create the amazing Philosopher's Stone. Will you travel to the magical towers where these mighty spirits live and restore their powers?

Challenge classic Match 3 boards to fulfill this unlikely request. Visit the towers of Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, and more and gather the pure elemental power of the spirits for the alchemist's experiment. Use their power throughout your travels as helpful aides also, to make it past the challenging boards. Play wonderful mini-games including Hidden Object, unlock special bonuses like Trophies and Music, and enjoy a beautifully illustrated storyline.

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Genre:  Match 3