Keepers of Dryandra
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  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Keepers of Dryandra 

Help the magical caretakers of a peaceful tree tribe stop insect invaders in Keepers of Dryandra, a wonderful matching quest mixed with strategy elements.

The Kuawi are a peaceful folk living inside the tree of Dryandra. They are caretakers of the tree, so when it falls under the attack of a mysterious insect force, those able to wield magic are called upon to protect their home.

Guide your group of magical keepers in their quest to save their home and defeat the source of this unprovoked attack. Challenge the enemies in over 70 exciting levels of turn-based Match 3 contests through eight wonderful locations. Call on powerful magic skills, upgrade your keepers with special abilities, and turn away the invasion. With dozens of enemy types, challenging boss battles, and four additional keepers to unlock, this unique Match 3 experience is certain to please.

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Keepers of Dryandra today!

  • Guide a group of magical keepers to protect their home in this fun Match 3 experience.
  • Challenge enemies in exciting turn-based battles through 70 fantastic levels.
  • Call on powerful magic skills and upgrade your keepers with special abilities.
  • Enjoy battling dozens of enemy types and challenging bosses.
  • Unlock four additional keepers with unique abilities.
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Reviews of Keepers of Dryandra
 | Added on: May 21, 2015
Decided to play due to the high reviews but was disappointed. Basic Match 3 game but graphics poor, and game play more for a child then an adult. Unless you are looking for "relax" match 3 play then this is your game. If you are looking for a challenge then this is not your game. I stopped after one round. Sad, because it looked promising, so gave it a chance.
 | Added on: September 13, 2011
Love the sound effects - especially the duck. This is not a difficult match3 (If I can hit expert in every round, says it all). I would have preferred to chose which "villain" I hit, and found that to be my only drawback. It had a cute story (I have to admit, I just skimmed it). You get plenty of play time with 8 areas to complete and a playing field that is crisp and clean. The thinking cap comes on when you have to decide which 6 figures to "fight" and which stay behind. I became addicted to it very quickly, and I know that has a lot to do with being able to play it successfully. Sometimes "not so hard" is a winner and this is one of them. Enjoy!
 | Added on: August 25, 2011
Love the graphics. All the bugs look creepy and fun. The Keepers are so sweet. I wish there were plushie versions. The gameplay is familiar but with a nice twist.There is a nice strategy to the gameplay as you pick which bugs you want to destroy and match colors. I agree with another review about the final fantasy aspect. Once I got past the first couple worlds the enemies and gameplay really ramp up with bugs healing and stunning and spitting on the board. Cascades causing so much amusement for my kids who love to watch all the explosions and funny animations like cats and dogs running across the screen. We could not stop laughing every time a duck dropped down from above. I still haven't made it to the end of the game yet. But I intend to.
 | Added on: August 24, 2011
 | Added on: August 25, 2011
For the first time in a long time i have found a game that is different from the usual match 3 games. the graphics were super cute and the music was good. the story line was very well done, and i enjoyed the battle system where i didnt have to rush but instead i could take my time. definetely looking foward to more games like this....very well done
 | Added on: August 15, 2011
I thought that the Characters were well designed, as well as the backgrounds of the levels I played. I really enjoyed the way the game mixes up Match-3 with a sort of battle situation. It kind of reminded me of a sort of Final Fantasy dynamic. The attacks were vibrant, and I thought all of these contributed to a very fun and ADDICTIVE experience :)
 | Added on: August 22, 2011
This game had potential. The storyline is cute and so is the graphics, However, when they said turn-based play, I assumed that the computer and I would be using the same board. That's not the case. I use the board and the computer just attacks. I can plan my moves with no interference from my opponent. Boring. When I attack there is no choice on which attacker gets hurt. The computer makes crummy decisions on which attacker gets hurt. I would attack different opponents (ones that are in a position to attack or have low hit points left). I won't even recommend this game for my littles as there are better Match 3 games out there. This had such potential and it failed utterly.
 | Added on: August 15, 2011
This was a nice little M3 game, it isn’t fast paced but more on the relaxing side. The aim of the game is to defeat the enemy by collecting the rune stones that activate the powers of the good guys. If you match 4 or more then the good guys burst the bad guys with their power too. When their power bar is full you get to blast the enemy, create a barrier or group heal the good guys. You take turns with the bad guys at power shots, some bad guys slime runes so you can’t move them, some lock runes, some drain the power and some blast the good guys. You can choose which good guy plays and who you attack, you can also upgrade your good guys. There are two levels, easy and normal ~ I would say if you are used to playing M3 games go for normal as it is very easy. I thought this game was cute with a nice gaming premise, however, it is very easy and a little slow when you are waiting for the bad guys to have their go.
 | Added on: August 26, 2011
For all gamers alike - looking for a short, fun game to play or something to play ritually for a challenge or experience look FAR away you will not find it here. Possibly more of a personal opinion but the art-style and graphics - characters, creatures, and background is just down right ridiculous, bland, and well...too bubbly. Story is an "okay" touch to the whole game. As stated already by another user, "MORE CONTROL OF THE GAME" is entirely true. This "game" if you want to even call it that felt like I had no control over it; as the cpu has its own virtual invisable board and attacks over and over again. All the while I have no choice on who to attack? Complete and other rubbish excuse of a video game; small, short and sweet is not written in this book.
 | Added on: August 26, 2011
a great game that i enjoyed very much. a refreshing new way to play a match 3 game. the storyline was awesome and the graphics were great as well. definately a game to keep you occupied for a while!
 | Added on: August 15, 2011
Really cute game! But it took me a little bit to realize that it is not a click fest which was refreshing. The game will instantly start you into the tutorial when you start, but it is told as part of the story so I started clicking fast to knock over scarecrows. Then the bugs started to fight back :p The story is cute and funny at times. But I really like that it is not forced on you. Never more then one quick screen then off you go. I don't like having to click through long stories. Just let me play! so kuddos! You can level up your characters but it was a bit much for me. They had a button to click to automatically set stuff up. So that was nice. I am sure others will love to play around with setting up their group how they want to. The auto skill thing worked well enough for me. Graphically it was cute, not the normal cartoony graphics most games have these days but it was still nice to look at. The characters were fun to look at but the bugs were probably the best to watch when they attacked or died. I have not beat the game yet. The book as 9 tabs for the "zones" but I am up to 5 and it has taken a while. I have unlocked a few more characters which are quite interesting. The bugs are getting meaner too! fun and something different but easy to get into. The later parts of the game so far have offered a nice challenge as new bugs do different things to you. I look forward to seeing the end.
 | Added on: January 17, 2012
I am enjoying this game a lot. It has a novel strategy element, and the storyline is amusing. Contrary to what some reviewers have posted, you CAN choose which enemy to attack. Click on an enemy and you will see a circular target marker around its feet. The one fault I would find with it is that for some players it will be a bit too easy. I am about 2/3 of the way through and although it is getting harder I am never really threatened with losing a level. It needs a Hard level for the strategists among us (one buff point per level instead of two might be about right). That said, it is at least relaxing to play!
 | Added on: August 15, 2011
Everyone once in a great while, a new game comes out that is different from the cookie cutter games that we get too often. This one is such a game. It's challenging without being too difficult. This one will join the very few games I play over and over again.
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